The Summit for Advanced Triangulation & Root Cause Differential accelerates the success of your wellness plans while building your confidence and increasing profitability

Here is how we do it….

Advanced Triangulation Summit
Getting Started Roadmap

STEP 1 :

Setting the Stage using the Summit Roadmap.

Dr. Lisa explains how to create wellness plans using a cheat sheet for the Systems impacted and the Summit Roadmap for Phases of healing, in order to help you create effective wellness plans.

Summit Details
Summit Details

STEP 2 :

Begin learning the Multiple Assessments tools to find “root cause” while triangulating for quick results:

Dr. Katie Felt – How to Triangulate incorporating DIY assessments and Biofeedback/EAV devices. Whether using Traditional Chinese Medicine, Symptoms Surveys, Conditions Questionnaires or  Reflexology points, you will see how these inexpensive tools help in quickly identifying a pattern picture.

Dr. Jeff Thomas  Navigating the Speciality Testing options for finding the Root Cause of the symptoms picture.  Knowing what speciality test to utilize, whether using dried urine, nasal swab or even the SIBO breath test, you will find this training invaluable in determining next steps to solving the root cause equation.


STEP 3 :

Train with Debbie Evans- Family Nurse Practitioner and Angie Ates – CAHP-BC as they walk you through hours of “how to read” blood panels using Optimal / Functional ranges vs Regional Lab ranges. The key is to master the pattern relationships in order to understand the symptoms and root cause.

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STEP 4 :

Join Regina Jones- Family Nurse Practitioner as she takes you down the Pharmaceutical path on learning how to accommodate prescriptions when creating effective wellness plans.  Understanding HOW these 8 groups of Pharmaceuticals impact your next steps is essential for true, successful integrative plans.

Emotional Blocks

STEP 5 :

Now the emotional and energetic side with Dr. Karen Josephson – Uncovering the clinical blocks of emotional and energetic healing.  Dr. Karen speaks on the science of “energy” patterns and those deep rooted unhealed emotional experiences that prevent your clients from healing.

Frequency & You

STEP 6 :

Dr. Lisa Holt- Frequency & YouThe BioInformation Field and How we get the Message.  Dr. Lisa- Chief Science Officer of Fremedica guides you through the scientifically proven field of frequency and much more. How & Why it works. And ultimately What to do with the information when it comes to creating effective wellness plans.

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STEP 7 :

Immerse yourself in Tickborne Disease & Other Fallacies of Lyme Indications.

Dr. Lisa Holt Discusses the science and implications of Lyme disease and Co-Infections

Angie Ates – CAHP-BCDeep dives into a blended yet organized wellness plan strategy.  She discusses Botanicals, Homeopathies, Aromatherapies, and the Spiritual and Emotional implications in the world of “Lyme disease”.

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STEP 8 :

Pulling it all Together with Dr. Katie Felt and Angie Ates, CAHP-BC

They recap the information and streamline it for quick and easy reference.

And of course BONUS STEPS:

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Bonus 1:

3-part series on Equipping the EPIC Practitioner with Dr. Lisa Holt – Medical Educator with Des Bio brand products:

  1. Series Kits & Omni Cleanse Detox
  2. Protocol Creation
  3. Case Study – Triangulating
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Bonus 2:

Jammed pack with downloadable guides, templates, worksheets, charts, reports and questionnaires to integrate with your systems.

Who is this for?

Summit Details

Natural Health Startup

The newer natural health professional who wants to start their practice out with a reliable formula for successful wellness plans

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The Professional

The natural health professional who is ready to tackle those complex cases with a RoadMap and Best Practice Tools

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The Experienced Practitioner

The  professional who wants a deeper understanding of finding Root Cause and layering on wellness plan phases for optimal results.

Next level… Integrated…

Licensed Medical Professionals aligning with you – the EPIC Practitioner.

Advanced Triangulation

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  • 3-Pay Price $1997