Beginner / CEU opportunities
Associate Degree level

YES! Medical CEUs offered thru Westbrook University and
Academy Epic programs qualify for ANMCB requirements!


Spring Fling Package

Certificate in Strategic Seasonal Approaches
Value of $997 Collection Price $497
Over 36 program hours and 702 pages of support material



Experienced and Proficient PROFESSIONAL

  • Real solutions for Real symptoms!

Real people need clinically tested REAL solutions… NOT theory, but stuff that works. GOT YA COVERED!!

  • Over 10 hours instruction by practicing professionals!

And NO, you do not need to watch it all at once, unless you want to. Pajamas and a mug of tea is suggested and hey, add the popcorn we hear it is non-gmo.

  • Over 15 support documents to copy and use IN your practice!

That means you have the RIGHT to copy. Admittedly we would LOVE for you to keep our “copyright” information on it for a shameless plug and attempt to market our wares by your obvious satisfactory need to use our stuff.



  • Home tests like Grandma used to use!

And well… clinically tested by folks who sat down with grandma had a cup of tea and listened to how she did it back in the day… and IT WORKED! So, we took the information and are sharing it so it can WORK for you too… novel idea right!

  • Home Detox protocols that support the Body and used by practicing professionals!

What we are really trying to say is the successful professionals that have used it with their own clients are endorsing these protocols. I know you were hoping to have some hot guy named Matt in a car enticing you to buy something… but you just get our Promise that these solutions work, safely. Now, do not make us create disclaimers that suggest… HOT… COLD… ONLY USE… blah blah blah. Common sense folks!

  • Practical use of Aromatherapy for balancing the body that is NOT product-driven

We are not against Essential oil companies; We also do not require you to attend a meeting, make minimum purchases, or some other “fun” adventure in order to learn about how to use Aromatherapy and its benefits.


SPRING FLING COLLECTIONSavvy Supporter and Knowledge Seeker

Expert solutions shared by professionals who (1) care, and (2) practice successfully
Though we do enjoy the latest blog and FB advertisement, we feel the need for transparency is necessary in the sense of informing you that our information is better! After all, are you really going to take advice from some guy who now has his name on butt cream? Just saying.

  • Knowledge shared in a practical, usable way without impressive talk/words

We know you may be disappointed that you did not need to ask Siri what our big fancy and impressive vocabulary meant. However, we think you may just want to get right down to it and start applying this practical information so we opted to speak normal language and not force you to ask SIRI.

  • Non-invasive solutions

We think we should keep the removal of body parts and placement of holes in various places on the body up to the Professionals. So, our suggested solutions do not involve anything that resembles a power tool or license to kill.


What you get:

Over 36 program hours and 702 pages of support material

  • EPIC Equipping:
    • Anatomy & Physiology Overview
    • Nutrition / Eating Strategies
    • Your Level of Health
  • Symptoms Solutions:
    • Allergies
    • Respiratory /Breathing Issues
    • Nature’s First Aid Kit
    • Ear Issues
    • Liver issues
    • Eye issues
    • Bladder Issues
    • Dizziness
    • Kidney Issues
  • Tools n Techniques:
    • Detoxification n
    • Aromatherapy
    • Cell Salt Therapy
    • Homeopathy
    • Herbology
    • Deep Breathing Exercise sheet
    • Organ/Time sheet
    • Techniques Overview PDF
    • Bonus with Betsy (5 videos and support docs)
      • Ear Candling
      • Fir Sauna
      • Ion Foot Cleanse
      • Oxygen Therapy
      • SPRING FLING COLLECTIONSalt Lamps / Caves

Strategic Seasonal Approaches

(Value of $997.00)

  • Over 36 program hours and 702 pages of support material
  • 10 hours of video training
  • Anatomy & Physiology Module
  • Nutrition Module
  • Symptom Solutions Modules
  • Tools & Techniques Modules
  • Certificate in Strategic Seasonal Approaches