Shaman Shift Webinar Series


Shaman Shift #6

We have learned thus far, that Shamanic Healing deals with the spiritual, psychic, or energetic dimensions of illness, healing, and well-being. Just as ‘we know,’ it is not just ‘onething’ driving a symptom or an ailment in our physical body. As a natural-holistic Practitioners’ Platform; Academy EPIC trains ON this premise… in treating mind-body-spirit.

As we expand this thought, we will focus on Generational Healing…(that’s right, you ‘got’ more than ‘just’ inheriting your mama’s nose, in your Genes!)

Intentional Healing in Shamanism is…


a tool for delving into the spiritual/ psychic ‘root’ of an issue needing addressing and healing. This final, #6 in our 6-Pack of Shaman Shift Series expands in teaching you how to seek this Intentional Healing of your Spirit. Specifically in regards to YOUR generational ‘stuff’… Issues/ problems/ patterns of behavior that continue to ebb & flow throughout YOU & the generations of your family.

Let’s get to the ROOT of this! So, you can get Busy Being EPIC!

Join us as we Journey via Drumming and Guided Visualization.

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