Shaman Shift Webinar Series


Shaman Shift #5

This weeks’ #5 Shaman Shift will take us BACK to our Lower World…(if you ‘missed’ our #4 Lower World  Journeying… try to go & watch it!) BUT,  back we will all GO…into our Lower World/past/ALL of human history.

On this Soul Loss Healing Journey,…


our focus, will be as a healing process to recover and heal wounded soul parts that have split off & fled during a moment of crisis… leaving us with debilitating gaps in our Psyche… our Self… our Soul. As guided by our TWO professional Full Mesa Shamans in the safe & loving confines of our class setting…this class will be revitalizing & restorative to your spirit.

Expect a lot of ‘aha’ moments…

as we individually Do The Work to gain clarity & perspective. Another way of bringing Healing & Personal Growth… it is simply WHAT. We. Do.…at Academy EPIC.

Join us as we Journey via Drumming and Guided Visualization.

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