Shaman Shift Webinar Series


Shaman Shift #4

WHAT is the Lower World? Well, in Shamanism there are 3 “non-ordinary” worlds. The Lower World. Upper World & Middle World. This, #4 Shaman Shift class focuses on the Lower one. These are not physical places, but potent energetic domains.

Interpretations evolve into the Middle World….

(where we live here & Now)

the Upper World (being the domain of our destiny & spirit) and the Lower World. The realm of the soul, where the record of all human history is held.

Journeying into the Lower World, …

or into your past — in this class will be for the purpose of Finding Your Inner Child. It will be an eye-opening ‘quest’… and will call you to see & remember ‘who’ you were, AND who you still Are. Finding & revealing/ remembering that missing little ‘piece’ of you, that has been pushed back & buried…as you have been busy Adulting! All in the efforts of healing & unveiling Your Genius, to Live EPIC 🙂

Join us as we Journey via Drumming and Guided Visualization.

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