Shaman Shift Webinar Series


Shaman Shift #3

Hmmm. What IS ‘Akashic Records’?

Akashic Records are described as a record in another dimension of every thought, idea, & action from all past, present & future are ‘there.’ (for our science geeks, think ‘string-theory’… for our computer folks, think huge database… old school folks…Yep, A Library!).

Connecting with an individual’s unique past-present-future….

to receive the knowledge & love & wisdom of the Akashic Records… all while staying grounded in our human experience. AND staying connected to these Records’ Energies which are already ‘present’ in our bodies. (EVEN if!… we have never ‘heard’ or known of them!)

Allowing a form of

Healing thru this Akashic Record process…

and positively impacting you to gain further understanding of yourself… face uncomfortable habitual behaviors & live the EPIC Life you were intended,… as designed by Our Creator. Join us as we Journey via Drumming and Guided Visualization.

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