Shaman Shift Webinar Series


Shaman Shift #2

WHAT is a Power Animal? Power Animals are regarded as guides who appear in dreams or Vision Quests in the form of an animal. These Power Animals, or spirit guides, walk through different stages of life with a person, teaching and guiding them, and in some instances
protecting them.

In some cultures, it is known as a totem….

(everyone has Heard of a Totem Pole!)

And shamans will learn what is THEIR personal animal totem or power animal. Perhaps, be open to thinking of it as a spirit being that is a sacred object or a symbol of a person. The thing you have to remember is that you don’t choose your totem animal, that would be way too easy!

Instead, your totem animal chooses you.

Join us as we Journey via

Drumming and Guided Visualization…

This 2nd class in our Shaman Shift Series, assists you in journeying on this search; as guided in our safe environment with our professional Full Mesa Shamans.

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