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1. Complete the Application

**Academy EPIC’s 2020 Scholarship Deadline EXTENDED through Sept 15, 2020!

We are searching for 25 more candidates! Once We Hit Our Goal We Will Announce Who Our Recipient Will Be!

We would like you to answer these questions based on your “gut” and “true” thoughts and feelings. There are NO right or wrong answers!

We take confidentiality SERIOUSLY – ALL documents submitted are kept PRIVATE and NEVER shared!

2. Upload a video to YouTube.com

Create a video going in to more detail on #13 of our application. Get creative!

“What would earning this Scholarship do to make your life more EPIC?”

*minimum length of video 1 minute 30 seconds-maximum length 3 minutes
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Meet Our 2019 Scholarship Recipient

“I’ve been trying to think of things to say and amazing lines of wisdom or encouragement. But honestly… I have none. I still have difficulty believing I was awarded a scholarship. It’s been such an amazing experience for myself and my children. It was a ray of hope when I truly was about to give up all hope. I actually believe at some point I may have, and just been to stubborn to accept it. I had found what I wanted… but to achieve it… was a step I took shakily. And for someone to say I won’t do it for you… but here’s a tool to help. Here is a tool to help achieve that 30 year goal you’ve always had. Here is the light… but you walk the path.

It’s just been so amazing. I still cry and can not ever express the appreciation I feel for such an EPIC community and amazingly EPIC opportunity.”

Jessica Wehling
2109 Scholarship Recipient
Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner Program

Academy Epic Scholarship Application Form
  • Please be in depth with your answers. This application is what determines your possibility of earning the Scholarship.

  • (workshop, home study, self paced, 90 day challenge, small group mastermind...or combination of all...) - write out the PERFECT scenario and combination - support ...etc