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About Katie Felt, CAHP

Dr. Katie Felt, CAHP – Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner, Traditional Naturopath, Master Nutritionist, Bio Energetic Practitioner

Katie’s journey through natural health, has led her in her own practice for over 20 years, while serving clients around the globe, to becoming OUR Academy EPIC-Director of Scan Division, for Academy Epic, & WE welcome her!

Katie Felt - Scan Lab

Katie Felt, Director of Scans Division, Academy EPIC

Her expertise in solving those tough ‘mystery cases’ are her Specialty… and she embraces the Challenge in assisting & empowering you, in Your own practice. Her continuing studies have brought her from Bio-Energetics, Holistic Nutrition, & Traditional Naturopath, all the way to one of her favorite lines of study,… right here at Academy EPIC, Complementary Alternative Health Care Practitioner! Katie’s passion for helping others achieve their BEST quality of life is ignited… by zeroing into the root cause of their health stressors with this technology offered here in our Scan Division at Academy EPIC.

Katie is looking forward to helping you guide YOUR clients to feeling & achieving their absolute best Self, with this amazing & beneficial scan system!