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Sarah Korman

Xtract™, CAPH-BC

Sarah Korman - Xtract™, CAPH-BC,

Sarah Korman
Alternative Healthcare, Xtract™

(573) 576-2888
Rhineland, MISSOURI 65069

Sarah’s journey into natural health & wellness began early in life, growing up on a farm, being curious & interested in all of the natural world around her. Mesmerized by Muscle Response Testing as a child, she continued to seek answers, becoming a forever student of Natural Health into adulthood.

A married, (busy!) Scouts/Football mom of 4, Sarah has had her own personal health journey for her & her children. Her personal moment of “Why?” began when her (now healthy 12 yr old) son…started crawling everywhere after walking for a year. Sought answers from numerous pediatricians & specialists… she could not accept the “growing pains” answer from traditional medicine.

Seeking further help from a Naturopath Doctor, wanting to find the root-cause of the issue, and truly help her son, was a turning point for Sarah! Her children are all happy, healthy, active kids who have benefited from Mom’s pursuit of ‘answers’… and the best healthy lifestyle she can provide for her family.

The logical next step for Sarah was her extensive studies with Academy EPIC, graduating as a Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner in 2017 & becoming an XTract™ Facilitator in 2018.

AND Now… Sarah is following her Life Passion & is able to assist other moms & families in their own search for answers & to assist in achieving their personal best natural health outcome!