Academy Epic Reviews

At a glance, it’s just a certificate of completion for a Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner or CAHP. And if I’m being honest, it doesn’t “allow” me to do anything different as I received my ND almost 2 years ago.

BUT… this piece of paper actually means more to me than any degree, diploma or certification I’ve ever received. The knowledge that came from this program is indescribable and it took hours upon hours of work, grit, and perseverance, not to mention many moments of conviction. There were some obstacles along the way, and seasons where I had to pause, but it has developed me into the practitioner I am and who I will continue to grow to become.

This awesome program has taught me…

✅ to look deeper and critically think more than I ever thought possible

✅ that the way you do anything is the way you do everything

✅ how to clear that stuff (or s%#$) out ???? #ctso

✅ that there is a root cause to every condition and the days of “got this take that” are DONE

✅ that our bodies were perfectly designed to heal. It’s actually in this REALLY good book about a REALLY great God ????

✅ how playing with pee can be so much fun ????

✅ that what anyone thinks of me is none of my business

✅how important the balance of physical emotional and spiritual health really is

✅ to do what God created me to do. It is my purpose ( yes, along with being a wife and mom) passion and mission to help others on their healing journeys and to encourage others to take control of their health.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you Academy Epic for being such a blessing to me and I can’t wait for all the exciting adventures yet to come!


I love the implementation of these courses and how we all were able to practice clearing, balancing and healing each other. I enjoyed the energetic connections shared between everyone that was a part of the class.

Heather B.

I loved that I learned how to protect myself from others energies and balance my own. To be able to help my indigo child honestly and to learn all of that in an environment that I don’t have to keep my walls of protection so high. It’s tough to learn when you’re busy “walling.”

Karen M.

The Intuitive Programs and Events (like the 2020 SCHIT) that Academy Epic offers raise the level of energy pulsing through whatever venue we are at and raises the vibration of the earth in a measurable amount.


Academy EPIC, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I am breaking up with fear and believing in myself thanks to you and the EPIC programs you offer. Shedding happy tears and wanted to share with everyone who is a slave to fear — especially in the times we are living in. I know who I am and have more confidence since starting the I-Sight program and getting the support I need to believe in myself. Thank you!! YOU ROCK!!


I think my favorite part of the Business Academy would be the interaction. The transparency of each of us. The Breakout rooms are awesome! Getting to know each other to form a bond. Learning from so many.

Carol L.

The Live feedback from the instructors and brainstorming with the group have been my favorite part of the Epic Practitioner Business Academy.

Amber B.

Where to begin about the Business Academy! I liked learning under someone who has been there, done that. Getting real life experience examples. Taking a hard look of what I want my business to look like, not what others want.

Amber B.

The last couple of years I have been silently chipping away at this schooling. I have definitely had to stand up and stay in the batter’s box, when at times I just wanted to sit on the bench. That isn’t the EPIC way though. So, with a lot of personal inner work and working through fears to stand in my power, the purpose I know God is intending for me, I finished up in March. I had a lot of practitioner support and encouragement from colleagues, while observing so many others lead by EPIC example. I am forever grateful to you, Academy Epic, for listening to God’s plan and showing us how to stand in that power, move through the muck and teach the tools to be an EPIC practitioner. 


Mowery Wellness

Kati's review

To be so supported...

This is NOT how other schools do it!

Katie G

Academy EPIC Reviews

I am on fire!

I sold my 1st 90 day package paid in full tonight. It was not for sale until late June. Thank you Academy Epic!!

Christina S

Tammy's review

Why didn't I do this before??

I sent my very FIRST newsletter to 15 clients… not all, just a few to see what would happen. Did I reinvent the content, NO I “borrowed” from Academy Epic’s past newsletters and made it my own. To my amazement, I got 2 appointments from just sending this quick little email!! It was magical! Duh! Why didn’t I do this before??

Tammy G

I worked on a client several years ago, she was getting results, but not as fast and in the order she wanted. She left me and has seen 12 other practitioners in the two years since she left me. She is a practitioner hopper. She has asked me questions at church and I have always referred her back to the person she is working with at that time. She emailed me last night and isn’t happy with the results she is seeing or not seeing and is wanting to come back to “my expertise and knowledge” and “she just knows she can come right over and I will help her in her time of need”. I politely declined and explained that I am a professional and I will not be strung along and then dropped when she is unhappy (she is always unhappy). I explained to her my policy changes since she was last seen and my prices. I wished her well and sent her on her way! (She was willing to double what she paid me 2 years ago, which was $30 but expected her product to be included in that price).

I NEVER would have done that 6 months ago!! I would have grudgingly seen her and waited for her to yell at me for not fixing her fast enough. I am not a push-over, but I never thought I could fire a client.

Thank you Academy Epic for helping me see myself as professional and that it is OK to turn down clients that bring you down and don’t align with you!

Amy W.

The energy and the guidance from other practitioners is the best part of the Business Academy.

Angela P.

I loved being able to share and ask questions live in the Business Academy!

Brenda T.

The consistently uplifting supportive atmosphere, even as I was melting down, was truly life saving!

Janet K.

Isn’t it funny how we sometimes discover we HAVEN’T moved through the schtuff we thought we had??? We weren’t given a lot of notice before the City opened up again, so I just jumped at the chance to see clients, vs. strategically plan my return.

Guys… I opened with my old pricing, old services, blah, blah, blah. This is my second week back to work and I’m already BOOKED SOLID until June 30th. This past weekend I was kicking myself because I wanted my new pricing & packages to take effect June 1st.

So… I put on my big girl panties & sent the damn email. I was expecting clients to rebolt. To say that I was charging too much. To think that I’m “just in it for the money.” Guess what… No one revolted. In fact, several clients booked NEW appointments online! I went over the new pricing with the clients I saw in the office today and they ALL REBOOKED – at the new pricing!

Amy R

Pure Wellness LLC

Kati's review

To be so supported...

The EPIC experience is not just education and some support later if you have a question. It’s a life-changing adventure with a supportive tribe.

Doc Nana

Academy EPIC Reviews

I am on fire!

The time to practice in a group setting in the Business Academy was my favorite part…having a dedicated day to bring this all together, this is priceless, i did the work and i needed affirmation to what i created!

Precious R.

Academy Epic review by Sarah K

Just WOW!

The Epic Practitioner Business Academy…just WOW! Academy Epic supports in all ways. When I signed up I knew I would be supported…. But just the prep that comes from starting off with the I-Sight program included with the Business Academy allowed to push the energy out and prep the soil… ready for it to grow a full integrated practice. Whatever problem I have I feel I am safe to bring it to the Live Zoom Coaching Connections and Office Hours for assistance in clearing it out!

Sarah K.

Beginning the Biz Academy was to my husband “another shiny thing” that may possibly not lead to anything, yet he said “go for it”.  I went for it. 

The first month I thought surely I would close my business because I was so broke.  The second month the county closed my office due to COVID. At this time I thought surely investing in this was a dumb move. However, I went online with some clients and pressed into learning more in the business academy. 

The fourth month my business was able to open back up and I brought in new business practices I had learned. That month for the first time I was able to pay all bills without dipping into our family budget. The fifth month came and only half way into it I closed my books and realized I had officially DOUBLED MY INCOME! I’m working towards that triple number and pressing into Phase Two and Three now. 

The promise is doubling your income WHEN YOU DO THE WORK. The shift in my mind, my spirit and my business occurred slowly at first then all of a sudden there was that shift and ALL came together. 

I can’t recommend the business academy enough!!  Stop being a broke practitioner and giving your genius away!! Invest in YOU so you can invest in others. You’ll feel less stressed and your clients will be grateful for the confidence you’ve gained as you’ve leveled up as a professional. 

Sherian M