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A blueprint for uncovering the body’s terrain dysfunction.

ABTI … where the A= Academy EPIC style… A= Angie’s realistic current application… A= Alternative – cuz it isn’t traditional RBTI – but it WORKS! Listen up…

For decades, we have used diet, supplements, and homeopathies (to name a few) to promote health. However, before offering suggestions on specific health concerns, it’s imperative to understand the probable cause. In this module we focus on balance versus imbalance in the body.

It is these variations away from perfect balance that indicate how well a person digests, assimilates and processes their food.

Based on the REAMS BIOLOGIC THEORY OF IONIZATION (RBTI) by renowned scientist Dr. Carey Reams, we lead you step-by-step through learning about AND performing a unique series of tests that provide much needed information pertaining to balance and imbalance of complex bodily functions. Again, these variations away from perfect balance indicate how well the digestive process is working.
That’s right. It’s about lifestyle… it’s about food… but more importantly, it’s about the energy assimilated (or not) from the food we eat. Understand this: what is food for one person may be poison to the next because each person is biochemically unique!
In order to properly care for a person’s health, it is vital to understand their biochemical uniqueness. You will be able to do this with accurate knowledge of this formula-driven, dynamic, hands-on ABTI program!