So, you still don’t know if you should join in on the EPIC adventure of learning?

Think about this:

When you seek out a dentist, preferably one that inflicts little pain, how do you determine his qualifications?

1- Ask what school he attended?

2- Ask how many graduated from his class?

3- Ask what his grade point average was? (After all, half of the class will be less than average.)

4- Ask how long it took to complete his training?

5- Ask how much his training cost him?

No- THIS is what we do…..

1- Ask TOTAL strangers

2- Put it on Facebook and ask the “all knowing” persons on your friends list

3- YELP it baby

4- Stalk the name given by a friend on the internet, to really determine if he is the right one for your job.

5- ASK your hairdresser, the plumber or the guy who changed your tires last week.

Realistically, you rarely ASK the Dentist anything. It is primarily a Referral based decision.

So here are some “referrals” that have the SAME spirit as Academy EPIC. They tell you like it is, with hopes that you will see our VALUE and MISSION. Go ahead, stalk them and they will tell you the same as they did on this UNPAID video testimonial.

At Academy EPIC our Mission is simple. We live with intention to Empower and Equip REAL people, to create REAL results, NOW!! Join us for Fun, Fellowship and Learning in a Rebellious Spirit way. Welcome Aboard!

Yep… Confirmation that we go beyond Hugging Trees, regurgitating the latest study or Drinking Tree bark. These folks will tell you HOW IT IS…..or at least what we are about.

Ane there’s more…