Christina “Tina” Adair


Christina Adair
Christina, RYT-200 from Yoga Garden San Francisco, is passionate about wellness and health. Although not a huge fan of exercise, she finds that yoga gives her the workout she needs while providing calmness, focus, and that elusive muscle tone missing from being a couch potato.

In the past, Ms. Adair has struggled with weight, body image, self-esteem, insecurities; you name it, she felt it. Yoga has opened up a world of OK-ness to Christina that was never there before.

Being able to perform a decent Caturanga Dandasana is very liberating for someone with no upper body strength to speak of (until yoga that is). She also found that meditation is essential to being okay with yourself.

She specializes in helping beginners learn yoga basics and how to care for themselves during the “introduction to exercise” phase. You can find more information about Christina at

Christina holds a BS in Applied Physics Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. She also holds a Master of Astronomy and Reiki Energy Healing certifications. She loves to learn and it is reflected in her continuing education courses in Meditation, Evolution Yoga Instructor training and Emotional Intelligence courses and many more.