Maura Marksteiner

Essential Oil Educator

Maura Marksteiner

I have been helping people all my life…

…many of them couldn’t communicate through speech. Since I was a curious person, I learned to listen in new ways. Over the years, the new ways of listening deepened my intuition and my compassion. I could see and understand things that others couldn’t.

Then my health started needing more consideration.

The things I had been doing in the past weren’t working. Conventional methods did not have answers, diagnosis, or effective advice for me. I started searching outside the box. I unearthed many, many strategies-some that worked for me and some that didn’t. By the time I found essential oils I knew there were many others searching just like me.

I began sharing my experiences with others.

My gifts of listening and genuine interest in people helped me develop into an engaged and caring mentor. When I work with someone learning to use or share oils, I get to share my power and boldness and encourage them to embrace their own strengths while developing new ones.

I’m so excited to share with and encourage you as well.