Kari Solomon

Zyto & Evox Specialist, Stress & Emotional Release, CAHP-BC

I am Kari Solomon, a Complementary & Alternative Natural Health Care Practitioner, owner of My Vital Force Wellness Center, in DeWitt, IA.

Let’s stop just treating various symptoms and start really building health!

Kari’s goal is to add vitality and change lives. Bringing hope and finding the right options for better health using many tools and techniques including Zyto biofeedback body scans and Evox Reframing.

Did you know that unresolved emotions are a root cause of many physical symptoms? Kari loves to help people work through those with a special therapy called Evox Reframing. This is her specialty.

Evox biofeedback sessions have a wide variety of benefits, such as, a stress reduction therapy. It brings a sense of peace, calmness, clears the congestion in the mind, the chatter, and increases clarity.