Emmanuelle Ruen-Hayes

Certified Reflexologist

Emmanuelle Ruen-Hayes Is a Certified Reflexologist and a member of the (RAA) Reflexology Association of America. Her native country is France where she studied anatomy, physiology and reflexology in Paris, France for 3 years.Her training was gained through certifications earned via 2 schools:

1- Action Reflexology Formation (www.action-reflexo.com) with a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach that is focused on the systemic relationship between organs.

2- Reflex Therapy Total Faure Alderson, Ingham Method (www.rttfa.net) is focused on the cranial-sacral balance.

Her training doesn’t stop there, as she continues to enhance her practice through post graduate courses. She has practiced reflexology for over 5 years, including 3 years in her native country Paris,France. Her practice is located in St. Louis, Mo where she serves both private clients and cancer patients. She works with an association dedicated to help woman during cancer treatments. (www.etincelle.asso.fr)

Emmanuelle enjoys reflexology because it brings interesting and non-intrusive responses to many functional problems that appear with time and that affect our health and energy. Her speciality is reflexology with specific processes of manual pressure on feet areas. These processes are specific sequences and patterns aimed at releasing emotions and supporting the detoxification of organ systems.