Dr. Sonia McGowin

DC and DAN! Doctor

Dr. Sonia McGowin, DC is a Chiropractor and DAN! doctor, practicing in Jefferson City, Missouri. The focus of her practice is children with disabilities ranging from learning disabilities to autism. She uses a biomedical and nutritional approach to treating their specific issues. Dr. McGowin is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City and lives in Jefferson City with her husband, two children, and their English Bulldog, Lola.

Before becoming a Chiropractor, she was the Deputy Director of Outreach Services for the Judevine Center for Autism (now called Easter Seals Midwest), working with families with autism across 92 counties of Missouri for 14 years. It was after attending a DAN! conference in 2001 when she realized that autism is medical, and decided to become a DAN! doctor.

Dr. Sonia has spent her career working with children and adults with autism, but she’s also a parent of a child with unique needs. As a toddler, her son displayed many troubling issues, such as a severe speech delay, self-injurious and aggressive behaviors; traditional medicine offered no hope or help for her family. After undertaking biomedical intervention, he is now highly verbal and very talented, yet still dealing with food allergies and learning disabilities. After the experience with her son, she vowed that no family should feel alone in their quest to recover their child.

These experiences, along with her training as a DAN! doctor, give Dr McGowin a unique skillset to offer interventions working toward the treatment of children with disabilities on any range of the spectrum. She uses a variety of approaches including lab testing, chiropractic, supplements, food allergy and sensitivity testing, essential oils, as well as the IonCleanse by AMD. She is sought after among many groups on social media, and has worked with patients from more than half a dozen states, other countries and from all parts of her home state of Missouri.

Dr. Sonia McGowin offers her professional opinion in overview format to multiple audiences. She is a contributing writer for the Missouri Autism Report magazine. She was a presenter at the AutismOne 2016 Conference sharing “Detoxifying Across Barriers: Harnessing the Power of Ions”. She relishes opportunities to share her expertise in the use of nutrition, essential oils, detoxification and other remedies addressing interventions for individuals with Autism and other neuro-developmental challenges.