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DEB AUGUR, aka MyWebGal, has had a passionate interest in natural health for two decades. Self-taught in Herbs, Natural Remedies and Nutrition, she has been blown away by the awesomeness of the Academy Epic Mission and the response from all the like-minded World Changers involved. It’s a beautiful and phenomenal community!

Angie and Deb started working together on projects in June of 2015 but nothing has compared to what this project has turned out to be. Not just the depth and breadth of this massive online educational center, but the kindred spirited-ness of collaboration, determination, loyalty and friendship that has since grown.

Deb has been an independent, professional web developer for over 17 years. Specializing in responsive WordPress websites, her wide variety of talents and experience include Design, eCommerce, Video and Audio Editing, Graphics, Membership sites, Permission Marketing, Copywriting, and much more.

Still working with other clients and taking on new ones, reach out to her at if you’re interested in learning more about her services.

“It has been – and still is – an honor (and a blast!)
to have worked with Angie from the very beginning.”