Cheryl Brown

CNHP, CAHP intern, Flower Remedy Specialist , Evox expert

Martha Barbosa
Cheryl’s love for things that grow started in New York at age seven when she planted her first garden. It is no surprise that her devotion to tinctures and flower essences as healing modalities has blossomed since then.

The lesson of the garden, from planning spaces and love of color, grew into an Interior Design career.

Cheryl noticed that her clients were deeply affected by the color and Feng Shui balancing she incorporated into their spaces. She wanted to reach further to bring balance to more individuals, but this time on a deeper physical level. After furthering her studies and training, Cheryl has brought her intuitive nature and desire to balance health into her wellness practice, Mind Matters Studio.

Cheryl believes that life is about learning and holds a B.F.A. in Metalsmithing and a Associates’s Degree in Interior Design. The path of alternative healing has lead to becoming an EVOX practitioner and CNHP certification.

Of course, true to her love of flowers, Cheryl utilizes flower essences for emotional balancing in her practice. She is currently pursuing course work as a Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioner.

Cheryl is a proud mama of grown twin sons and lives her life with love, gratitude and the support of soul mate and husband, Shep. Cheryl continues to learn, educate and deliver the healing message through her practice at Mind Matters Studio in Denver, Colorado.