Candice McClay

Integrative Healthcare, Herbs, Essential Oils

Martha Barbosa
Candice is a product maker, herbalist and aromatherapist. She had been a crafty creator since childhood, but really found her love in hand creating all natural body products.

The journey to becoming the Operations Manager for MoonDance Botanicals has been enlightening, humbling and even comical at times. Coming from a 10-year career in the consumer electronics industry, yet without a TV of her own, she was ready for a shift that aligned with her passions.

Candice followed her love of plants, essential oils, and best of all, an opportunity to be creative. This path led her to a degree in Integrative Healthcare, followed by an emersion course in advanced herbalism from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism.

While pursuing her education she was shop manager at MoonDance Botanicals, a boutique bath and body shop where all the products are hand-made in-house. As shop manager she has continued working with herbs and essential oils and honoring the process and energetics of what they put into products every day.

Candice also teaches classes on essential oils, product making and honey infusions.

Englewood, Colorado is where she calls home, along with her husband, son, dog, fish and 2 beehives.