Brittney Wineland

International Creative Executive – Graphic Designer

Martha Barbosa

Contact Info:

Business Hours:  Eastern Time Zone (Inquire by email)
Phone: 814-330-9432

Brittney is a Creative Guru with a bold motto
“I believe I can change your life with my designs”.

Brittney specializes in Graphic Design, Web design, and Branding. Brittney began her creative career at the age 19, right after graduating college from Pittsburgh Technical Institute. Brittney was aware that she could design incredible graphics but soon enough she discovered she could very well design her own life.

With determination in her heart, she sought out creating a legacy that was inspired by art! Utilizing the tool of social media, Brittney found herself building a client list all over the U.S and internationally. Brittney is Consistently reaching out her arms to new people and sharing the branding knowledge she has come to be an expert at! Her passion is more than Graphic Design, she thrives to create an experience that brings out her client’s individual passions and engages their audience, creating a distinct look that will build a legacy for their brand.