Brenda Generali

Iridology Expert, CNC, CCII, President and Founder, Joyful Living Services

Martha Barbosa

Founder and President of Joyful Living Services

Brenda’s Purpose in Life Is To Teach Others How To Heal Their Mind, Body and Spirit.

After overcoming her own health challenges, Brenda was certified in Iridology by Dr. Bernard Jensen in 1987. To further her ability to support others, in 1990 she became a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Certified Herbalist.

Brenda has been practicing in the field of Natural Health unitedly with various Doctors and Alternative Practitioners in the state of California for over 30 years. She was honored to be an invited assistant at Dr. Bernard Jensen’s 80th Birthday Symposium in San Diego.

She is a sought after speaker in arena of Natural Health. Whether you saw her speak at the 2012 International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA) Conference, National Health Federation Convention or multiple Whole Life Expos, we assure you her Passion and Purpose was evident as she encouraged you to heal yourself.

She is Academy EPIC’s exclusive Expert Instructor on Iridology. You will find her “Practitioner Course” a breath of fresh PRACTICAL air, as she takes you through 4 levels of Advanced Training. Brenda also offers the 4th level of the Practitioner training in a LIVE format every Spring and Fall in Sacramento, California.

Brenda is a Certified Comprehensive Iridologist through the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA) since September 2021 and a Certified Comprehensive Iridology Instructor since October 2021.  Her company, Joyful Living Services, is a Sanctioned School through the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association and approved by the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN #13857) and offers 20 CEUs.  Brenda is also a Certified Comprehensive Iridology Instructor Level 3 for the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association.  You can contact her by e-mail at, by cell phone at 530-368-0918, or on her web site at

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