Barbara Stackhouse


Amy Emmett
Barb grew up on a farm in Northern Indiana in a small agricultural community.  Her elementary school had about 80 students from K through 6th grade and everyone knew everyone.  She attributes this to her love and care for others as this home community always took care of each other.

Barb married her high school sweetheart and they have 2 grown sons, both married.  She is a grandmother and the family is still growing.  Barb and her family all live in Nashville, TN.

Barb has always been passionate about education.  She holds an associate degree in dental hygiene, a bachelor’s degree in dental health education and masters in educational leadership.  She has completed her CNHP and a Naturopathic Doctor program of study.  Barb continues to learn and grow attending CE, seminars, and symposiums across the country.

Barb has a practice in Nashville, TN called “More to Life Wellness” where she focuses on meeting people where they are and helping them to go where they want to go with regards to life and health.  She utilizes bioenergetic healing practices along with other natural modalities she has learned.

Barb has a life and business coaching company as well.  “More to Life Coaching” is focused on helping small businesses manage their time and money, get organized, and learn how to connect with their clients and increase cash flow.  She has coached dentists and dental teams for the more than 12 years of her career.  She has expanded this to medical, natural and alternative practitioners.  Her proven methods and business principles have helped many get control of their life and business.

Barb and her husband have a garden and enjoy growing their own food.  Barb preserves this home-grown food for their winter pantry.  They both spend many hours volunteering in their community and doing mission work in the States and abroad.  She loves her two rescue dogs, loves spending time with her children and grandchildren, loves to travel, and enjoys hiking or reading a good book.

Barb makes joy wherever she goes with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step!