Ashley Uchtman


Ashley Uchtman
Ashley has had a passion for natural health for many years. She started her journey by attaining her certification as a Holistic Health Coach (HHC) from Integrative Nutrition. She will soon complete her degree in Complimentary and Alternative Health Practitioner (CAHP) from Academy Epic.

Ashley truly believes it is a calling on her life, from God, to take her knowledge of holistic health to the marketplace.  Her mission is to empower and support individuals in improving their health using a holistic approach, with heavy emphasis on mind, body and spirit.  She believes in attacking the cause and not just treating the symptoms. 

Ashley will carry out her mission at Cape Integrative Care, as their Complimentary and Alternative Health Practitioner. She will continue her direct training, coaching, and mentoring under the direction of Dr. Angie Ates, CNHP.

Ashley is married to Josh. They have two dogs, Bodie and Howie. She enjoys being outside, traveling, yoga, working out, being involved in her church and studying to learn more about the evolving world of naturopathic health.

“If you think the pursuit of good HEALTH is expensive and time consuming, try ILLNESS!”