Lori Ann Grisham – CAHP-BC

Lori Ann Grisham

Specialties: Women’s special needs and Adrenal dysfunction

Lori Ann Grisham, CAHP-BC

Specialties: Women’s special needs and Adrenal dysfunction

O’fallon, Missouri

Lori Ann Grisham - CAHP-BC

Lori Grisham has 20 years of experience helping people discover how to be healthy in a natural way. She is a Board Certified Advanced Complementary & Alternative Health Practitioner, having completed education in multiple complementary and alternative modalities such as Iridology, Muscle Response Testing, Ream’s Biological Theory of Ionization, and Reflexology, as well as psychology and basic medical sciences.

She has experience as a certified personal trainer, health coach, and supplement and nutrition professional, where she specialized in weight management and disease prevention through natural means.

Lori’s motto is “Vibrant health is an inside job” which simply means that in order to truly heal the body, mind, and spirit we must heal ourselves where it really counts – from the inside. This applies not only to the physical body, but to the mind and spirit as well. Lori’s mission is to teach others how to apply this idea and heal naturally, without harsh chemicals or invasive procedures, restoring energy, vitality and balance in all areas of their life.

While Lori greatly enjoys helping with a myriad of health concerns, she finds herself truly resonating with the special needs of women.

As a single mom & entrepreneur she understands the deep need of women to be successful at juggling all the seen and unseen expectations we place upon ourselves. The drive to meet these expectations produces symptoms like hormone fluctuations, can’t sleep, can’t lose weight, stressed out, or anxiety and depression that can often fly under the radar with most medical doctors. Women are left feeling like they either have to live with their symptoms forever or they are just all in their head. These women are among the most challenging and rewarding for Lori and exactly the ones she loves to help!

Lori also loves to inspire people to not only heal their physical body, but to learn to live a purposeful life, so they can live out the meaningful and fulfilled life they deserve.

Sarah Korman – Xtract™, CAPH-BC,

Sarah Korman

Xtract™, CAPH-BC

Sarah Korman - Xtract™, CAPH-BC,

Sarah Korman
Alternative Healthcare, Xtract™

(573) 576-2888
Rhineland, MISSOURI 65069

Sarah’s journey into natural health & wellness began early in life, growing up on a farm, being curious & interested in all of the natural world around her. Mesmerized by Muscle Response Testing as a child, she continued to seek answers, becoming a forever student of Natural Health into adulthood.

A married, (busy!) Scouts/Football mom of 4, Sarah has had her own personal health journey for her & her children. Her personal moment of “Why?” began when her (now healthy 12 yr old) son…started crawling everywhere after walking for a year. Sought answers from numerous pediatricians & specialists… she could not accept the “growing pains” answer from traditional medicine.

Seeking further help from a Naturopath Doctor, wanting to find the root-cause of the issue, and truly help her son, was a turning point for Sarah! Her children are all happy, healthy, active kids who have benefited from Mom’s pursuit of ‘answers’… and the best healthy lifestyle she can provide for her family.

The logical next step for Sarah was her extensive studies with Academy EPIC, graduating as a Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner in 2017 & becoming an XTract™ Facilitator in 2018.

AND Now… Sarah is following her Life Passion & is able to assist other moms & families in their own search for answers & to assist in achieving their personal best natural health outcome!

Precious Rutlin – Trichologist & Holistic Health Practitioner

Precious Rutlin

Trichologist & Holistic Health Practitioner

Precious Rutlin - Trichologist & Holistic Health Practitioner

Precious Rutlin
Hair Loss/Hair Thinning, Womens Health

(314) 275-0663

Precious is dedicated to serving God and humanity. Precious is a Certified Trichologist, Certified Naturopathic Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Licensed Cosmetologist and Best Selling Co-Author of Perfectly Imperfect: Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of God and Transition: Create the Life You Desire and The Pieces Within.

She is passionate about helping women take a holistic approach to wellness. Precious is also the CEO of Hair Health Happiness Trichology & Wellness Clinic.

When she is not working or volunteering, she reads and spends time with her husband, kids, and family pets.