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We know you want to be a successful Natural Health Professional. In order to do that, you need a thorough and in depth knowledge of integrative choices. The problem is so many courses don’t offer weak videos and content you could find in a Search in 5 minutes or less, which makes you feel frustrated that you wasted your time and money on their training. We understand the challenge of choosing which course would be reliable enough for you to really make a difference and ensure you’re confident at putting together the correct wellness plans.

Epic Practitioner Training Program

This is why we created the Complementary & Alternative Health Practitioner (CAHP) and Traditional Naturopath (TN) certification programs.

The Professional Practitioner Training Program is a comprehensive, integrated natural health training program that will build your confidence while establishing credibility with others.

  • Templates, guidebooks, product resources, and more to enable you to know what to do when you complete the program.
  • Over 20 Professionals training you on an Integrative approach to wellness plans ensuring a broad view access to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, Herbalism, Homeopathy and even Modern Western Medicine.
  • 100’s of done-for-you client handouts to ensure you have what you need immediately.

How it works

STEP 1 : Begin the Foundational training modules, utilizing the clinical reference templates provided. This section covers beyond A&P.  We go into over 7 hours of Functional Nutrition, Natural Health Approaches and DIY Natural Remedies to name a few modules. 

STEP 2 : Dive in to over 50 Symptoms & Solutions. ALL Symptom Solutions modules address the Etiology, Physiology, Pathology and Psychology of the group of Symptoms. This offers you an integrative approach to creating wellness plans for yourself or your clients. 

STEP 3 : Now it is time to learn those “modalities” of the natural health trade. Our Tools and Techniques are divided into 2 categories – either a “finding the cause tool” or a Therapy technique. These serve as an introduction into clinical practice as we provide the C.A.R.E (Cause. Analysis. Recipe. Expectations.) road map for immediate implementation.


We provide several opportunities for you to “plug in” and be supported. 

  • Facebook Group Forum – A diverse community of professional backgrounds and experience. If you need dependable and timely support, reach out and post your needs. This group forum provides a flexible platform to get your questions answered via professional guidance. This is a great way to connect with your colleagues who are actually doing it in the field…..NOT text book theory. 
Online courses


The Natural Health Hobbyist ready to turn Professional. It is YOUR turn now to get paid for your knowledge.

The Professional who wants to start growing again with a more thorough, in depth Integrative training for quick implementation and immediate success.

The Experienced Practitioner looking for a credible Certification that equips you to truly make a difference.

Why is this Practitioner Program Unlike Any Other
“Training” Program You’ve Experienced In the Past

Let’s talk about what this Practitioner Program is NOT:

This Practitioner Program is NOT another course. Yes, there is loads of content and training, but at its heart, this is an integrative approach to ensuring your Clients get the BEST care while you make a Difference in their lives.

This Practitioner Program is NOT another quick and easy diploma or certification. The goal of this program is for you to have the confidence to create safe and results-driven wellness plans. This is a Professional Practitioner level training.

It is for the Professional wanting a in-depth & Comprehensive program. Ensuring a well-rounded integrative approach when helping others.

Let’s Recap:

Most individuals who are into natural health lack formal or adequate training. With the Integrative Practitioner online training certification you receive the in-depth education you need to feel confident in helping others while creating financial stability.

You Choose Your Title Designation.

What is the difference between a Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner (CAHP) and Traditional Naturopath (TN) ?

In some states the term “naturopath” is unlawful to be used unless a license has been issued by a governing body. At this time, only those federally funded universities that offer accredited doctorate diplomas qualify for licensing availability. With the Safe Harbor Laws and various other legislation that is included in the documentation, if unlawful to practice or use the title of “naturopath”, one may use the title of Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner. Therefore, the contents of the Practitioner CAHP / TN training are exactly the SAME, ONLY the title is differentiated depending on your state laws and legislation. is an excellent resource for your state law expectations.

  • All the Modules are On Demand for flexible viewing.
  • Over 20 Professionals train you on an Integrative approach to wellness plans to ensure a broad view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, Herbalism, Homeopathy and even Modern Western Medicine.
  • All Training Materials included– your investment covers ALL material needed. Nothing EXTRA to buy!
  • Depending on your time invested and previous knowledge of natural health, the Practitioner program takes 12 – 24 months for completion.
  • With our Templates, Blueprints and RoadMaps you will be able to “pull it all together” to create safe and effective wellness plans
  • Unlimited and Encouraged use of ALL downloadable documents – provided our copyright maintains on the product. You save a considerable amount of your resources by having done-for- you resource materials. Have the tools you need immediately!
  • Within our Symptoms & Solutions- We provide you the “roadmap” and Template to discover the “underlying” issue(s) versus a Green Medicine approach. Simply put….. train to learn WHY symptoms are presenting and resolve THAT issue versus bags of supplements to cover up the symptoms “naturally”!
  • Within our Tools & Techniques each module offers a Directed research practicum providing clinical hands on experience. The quantitative reasoning approach from over 20 different experienced Practitioners will provide you with the varied data analysis you need for success. Many professionals use these varied modalities for Triangulating root cause differential.
  • Because this is a Professional level training, the Final Challenge Exam is executed with NO notes. Admittedly, there is no guarantee to pass. Don’t panic! You do get 2 opportunities to take the Final Challenge Exam. We believe you earn your designation based on knowledge, critical thinking skills and implementation for successful client outcomes. Unlike other organizations where they are satisfied with your 30+ page dissertation on “something”, we prefer to acknowledge the reality of safe and effective client outcomes as the most important component.
  • YES, the Practitioner Program qualifies for various “board certifications” upon completion of your Final Challenge Exam

If you like what you see and you’re ready to take the next step, join now!

What You’ll Get When You Join the INTEGRATIVE Practitioner Program:

Over 100 hours of innovative video training provided by 20+ Instructors including Licensed Medical Professionals. This allows you to gain knowledge from clinical experience and short cut the learning curve. This also affords you the gift of multiple perspectives from seasoned Practitioners across the country.

Over 3000 documents to immediately support your successful practice. From templates, done-for-you client handouts, scientific evidence based research papers, protocol implementation blueprints, multiple charts and at-a-glance reference sheets and more. This allows you to get started now, making a difference and earning income with your passion.

Over guided 20 Case Studies. This sustains the need to have clinical experience before starting your practice. While performing the clinical application hands-on portion in the modules, you will find the Protocol template to be invaluable.


Epic Practitioner Information

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Epic Practitioner Information

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Epic Practitioner Information
Epic Practitioner Information

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Epic Practitioner Information

What Other Integrative Practitioner Program graduates are saying…

Epic Practitioner InformationAt a glance, it’s just a certificate of completion for a Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner or CAHP. And if I’m being honest, it doesn’t “allow” me to do anything different as I received my ND almost 2 years ago.

BUT… this piece of paper actually means more to me than any degree, diploma or certification I’ve ever received. The knowledge that came from this program is indescribable and it took hours upon hours of work, grit, and perseverance, not to mention many moments of conviction. There were some obstacles along the way, and seasons where I had to pause, but it has developed me into the practitioner I am and who I will continue to grow to become.

This awesome program has taught me

  • to look deeper and critically think more than I ever thought possible
  • that the way you do anything is the way you do everything
  • how to clear that stuff (or s%#$) out ???? #ctso
  • that there is a root cause to every condition and the days of “got this take that” are DONE
  • that our bodies were perfectly designed to heal. It’s actually in this REALLY good book about a REALLY great God ????
  • how playing with pee can be so much fun ????
  • that what anyone thinks of me is none of my business
  • how important the balance of physical emotional and spiritual health really is.
  • to do what God created me to do. It is my purpose ( yes, along with being a wife and mom) passion and mission to help others on their healing journeys and to encourage others to take control of their health.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you Academy Epic for being such a blessing to me and I can’t wait for all the exciting adventures yet to come!


The last couple of years I have been silently chipping away at this schooling. I have definitely had to stand up and stay in the batter’s box, when at times I just wanted to sit on the bench.

That isn’t the EPIC way though. SO… with a lot of personal inner work and working through fears to stand in my power, the purpose I know God is intending for me, I finished up in March.

I had a lot of practitioner support and encouragement from colleagues, while observing so many others lead by EPIC example.

I am forever grateful to you, Academy Epic, for listening to God’s plan and showing us how to stand in that power, move through the muck and teach the tools to be an EPIC practitioner.

Tracy M

Girl, this is EXACTLY why I stopped taking classes at T y, and gladly gave you my money. Just watching weak videos and printing out 10 pages of notes a week wasn’t teaching me anything I couldn’t find online in 5 minutes. Epic is worth every penny. Epic is Epic. But I’m not gonna lie.. sometimes it kicks my a laughing

Carrie G

Meet your Integrative Professionals bringing their GENIUS to you
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Epic Practitioner Information