Academy Epic Live Events


Join Angie and the EPIC Team…

…as they guide you thru Multiple Energy Techniques that are safe for babies and the elderly. Learn to “trust your gut” and take aligned action on bringing harmony to yourself and others.

This is guaranteed to be a whirlwind retreat as amazing breakthroughs and unparalleled experiences will dominate the weekend. Come as you are… as a safe space – the NO JUDGEMENT ZONE -will be created… and Leave a NEW person… poised with tools, techniques and Confidence to instantly benefit from the trainings.

This is a VERY interactive and experiential event. KNOW… We are Thrilled, Humbled and READY to Unlock your gifts and energize [MORE INFO]

ReCreate, ReCharge, ReCraft…

This is not your average….la la la..event. This is an EPIC experience from the time you commit to the time you return home. We are here to ReCharge your inner you. To ReCreate your confidence and ReCraft your WHY.

We support you with tools and techniques that allow you to Acknowledge and Honor your past, your stories, your habits and YOU. This enables you to release, transform and heal the emotional triggers that contribute to the struggles of daily life.

Come join us. For when you become a leader of One (self) you are empowered to be the leader of many. However, your inability to lead one (self) will not afford you the opportunity to lead any.

Next Group Begins in June

You Will Discover…

  • How to Recognize Fear is REAL and not a LIAR
  • How to Utilize Release processes that WORK on the underlying CORE/ROOT issue versus “talk therapy” about emotions
  • How to Stand in “your” power of EMPOWERMENT with healthy boundaries…..clearing the clutter and knowing YOU
  • How to utilized the Envelope Method for results driven guidance
  • You will be Transformed with this work!!