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Practitioner Round Table Webinar

Learn how to SHIFT in 2021 by knowing YOUR phase of Business
Free Online Workshop with Angie Ates, founder of Academy EPIC

BUSY but BROKE & Burnt Out
Stress and SELF DOUBT

Join us in this webinar where we teach you the 3 phases of Business and HOW they impact your Scaling and Revenue Plan.

Business Academy for Natural Health Practitioners
Attend this Free Online Workshop with Angie Ates, founder of Academy EPIC, the #1 source for turning your natural health business into a Profitable and Sustainable income producer while positively impacting your clients

What you will learn:

The 3 phases of Business and WHY this will determine your success in 2021.
How to use the Revenue Strategy Template for quick implementation of “next steps” to Profit.
#1 Secret to a Successful Shift in your Business.
And more….
Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing you are making a difference when aligned
with your Purpose and fueled by your Passion to help others.

Roundtable Open House
STOP the Stress of
Inconsistent Revenue →
Confused & Overwhelmed →
DIY everything is NOT working →
Roundtable Open House

GAIN the Strength to
→ Declare Your Phase of Business
→ Determine Your Message
→ Create Your 2021 Revenue Plan
→ Customize your Client Roadmap
→ 90 days of ACTION steps
→ In a Practitioner VIP experience

Work with an EXPERT- Angie Ates

  • Multiple 6-Figure Integrated Practices WITH PROFIT
  • Trained over 10K Practitioners… Internationally
  • Worked with over 5K clients in my clinics
  • International Speaker / Trainer

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Get Ready to take your career to the next level!

Roundtable Open House

Despite the current uncertainties, there are many people looking for Natural Health Practitioners to guide them on their path of healing.  

They too understand the value of a results driven wellness plan and are willing to pay you what you are worth, if you know how to position yourself.

Roundtable Open House

With so many people online, becoming instant “experts”, it is more important than ever to position yourself with credibility, authenticity and transparency.

Nobody is interested in a “sales pitch” but rather they are looking for an experienced and confident Practitioner.

Roundtable Open House

Many Natural Health Practitioners fail in building their businesses because they simply do not have a system that grabs the attention of potential clients.  In the Academy EPIC- “What do you do?” System we show you how to answer that question with an authentic yet creative approach which enables clients to trust in your training. 

Think of it as your perfect client is “leaning in” to learn more.

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Ready to Join Us? Here is what to do:

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Angie Ates

With 20 years in Corporate America, and healing myself of multiple autoimmune diseases, I founded Academy EPIC an international natural health training organization.

I now bridge the gap between natural health practitioners and their entrepreneurial needs as an intuitive business strategist.

Executive and visionary entrepreneurs hire me to align their Passion and Purpose with sustainable Profit.

Here is what others have to say about
Academy EPIC’s Business Programs:

Roundtable Open House I joined because I am ready to go pro!

I wanted to follow and mirror someone that is successful and actually achieved the promise of 6 Figure Business. Not someone that just read a book or took a course and regurgitated the information.

Why reinvent the wheel! – Tammy G

Amber KnickWow! The whole thing! I think this program over-delivered on the promise. I have been an entrepreneur for almost 25 years. I have been to and experienced A LOT of trainings and programs.

I have NEVER felt so equipped to go forward with my dreams. Actually, it feels like my dreams finally have legs. That I will now walk out my dreams to help and serve others is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. This may sound over the top but I have been LONGING for this for so very long! – Amber K

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