Mindset Masterclass 5: Clarity of Your Niche

Clarity of Your Niche

#livEPIC Mindset Moment Course

What is a Niche? …well, it defines as a “comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.” (Now, THAT sounds Boring!) NOPE. We at Academy EPIC define it as Finding Your Passion, Your Purpose

That! Boys & Girls is your Niche! ????

Our Biz Academy students have an intense version of this course,

but we wish to share THIS with you… in a Mindset Moment Master Class

We will share all about the many ‘Lens of Life’,..in personal life, in business, & in marketing…how your Perspective affects your
Viewpoint. Utilizing our exercises & steps will provide clarity for you to discern “what’ your Niche IS!

Finding Your Passion… Your Purpose

WHAT do you think about, that Lights-You-Up! Is your Life ‘Balanced’…in all aspects of Family, Work, Relationship, Spiritual Development… OR is it lacking in balance & wobbles like a car tire going flat down the road?…

WE are committed to providing YOU the…

Tools to Gain that Clarity &
Find YOUR Niche! 2020 IS Your Year…

It is Truly YOUR Perfect Time to BE EPIC. To gain insight into Self…to understand and discern…THEN, take the steps to connect & FLOW into Your Life Passion. This #livEPIC Mindset Moment class will share the techniques & exercises to help YOU reveal your true calling & passion. We know it IS right there…Ready to be Revealed…Let’s Find it! SO you can Start to stand in your Power & Truly Claim to LIVE


Complementary Individual Mindset Shift Session with Amber Knick, CNHP & PSYCH-K Facilitator

Mindset Masterclass 5: Clarity of Your Niche

Live on ZOOM – Thursday, April 23rd @ 7pm Eastern

Can’t Make the Live Webinar? That’s okay. You will receive the replay to watch at your convenience!