Mindset Masterclass 2: Illusion of Money

The Illusion of Money

#livEPIC Mindset Moment Course

“Money is the Root of All Evil” “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
“A penny saved is a penny earned” “You can’t take it with you.”
“You have to spend money to make money.”

ALL of ‘those’ Sayings… in OUR Head… Beliefs from our parents / upbringing, society, spouse, boss… just MONEY CHATTER!

Reality is: Money can be THE biggest ‘excuse/reason/basis’ for NOT taking that positive step toward your Goal! Fixating on money— wanting more, “do I have enough?” money is my security… blah blah.

Aha Moment!: Money is often just a Longing to feel Safe.  Let THAT sink in.

Whether you are rich, broke or somewhere ‘in-between’?
Is your ‘obsession’ with money coming at a very high cost? Is it effecting your creativity, your goals & your ability to STEO UP into WHAT & WHO you were designed to be? Can the ‘Chasing-the-Dollar’ be preventing you from receiving true abundance?… IS this whole Moneyconcept Blocking You from standing…

IN Your Genius & the Way to Living Your EPIC Life?

This Mindset Moment course focuses on

The Illusion of Money…

WE at AcademyEPIC are committed to providing YOU the Tools to #CTSO-Clear-the-Sxxt-Out! 2020 IS Your Year… to un-Coccoon Yourself,… into your Beautiful Butterfly-Self! Clearing OUT the Thoughts & decluttering the not-positive Belief Systems… just as you are De-Cluttering your Junk Drawer! SO as with other Topics to ASSIST you in Being  EPIC… this #livEPIC Mindset Moment class will teach you to completely breakthrough these thought patterns that have held you Back from true abundance. Personally & Professionally… for ALL of our EPIC Peeps… THIS will authentically allow YOU to stand in your…

Power & Truly Claim to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!


Complementary Individual Mindset Shift Session with Kari Rene CNHP, CTN, CAHP, EBC Naturopathic Holistic Health Practitioner & Director of Epic Breakthrough Services

Mindset Masterclass 2: Illusion of Money

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