Mindset Masterclass 3 - The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention

#livEPIC Mindset Moment Course

Definition of intention:

1a : what one intends to do or bring about.

Hmmmm….What ONE ‘INTENDS’ to do…
Not what one is ‘gonna’ do. Or not what one ‘should’ do. (you know HOW we Dislike! ‘should-ing’ all over yourself, here at Academy EPIC!)

SO: Intention
What IF?

…You RE-train your intellectual thoughts as a powerful intentional positive force. Intention IS a powerful creative Force of Energy! Harness your intentions as you stand in your power and connect to your inner imagination and speech to achieve your dream and live your Life Purpose!

This Mindset-(HOW Appropriate!) Course, IS all about YOUR Mindset!

How to begin, how to re-frame your thoughts, how to CLEAR OUT (#CTSO) the ‘stuff’ that does not Serve You and ‘tap into’ your spirit/self/soul as it frames Your Power of Intention. This course teaches you those powerful Steps of Intention! Dumping the EGO Beliefs and gaining wisdom and insight to what has been holding you back. Learn to harmonize and activate your connection TO setting and living your Power of Intention!

WE at AcademyEPIC are committed to…

providing YOU the Tools to #CTSO-Clear-the-Sxxt- Out! 2020 IS Your Year…It is Truly YOUR Perfect Time to BE EPIC. To gain insight into Self…to understand and discern…THEN, take the steps to connect & FLOW in Your Powerful Intention! SO, as with other Topics to ASSIST you in Being EPIC…this #livEPIC Mindset Moment class will teach you to completely break-through and Use YOUR Power of your Own Life Intention. Personally & Professionally…for ALL of our EPIC Peeps…THIS will authentically allow YOU to stand in your…

Intentional Power & Truly Claim to


Complementary Individual Mindset Shift Session with Amber Knick, CNHP & PSYCH-K Facilitator

Mindset Masterclass 3 - The Power of Intention

Live on ZOOM – Thursday, April 9th (Replay)

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