Mindset Masterclass 4 - Awakened Entrepreneur

Awakened Entrepreneur

#livEPIC Mindset Moment Course

What is an ‘Awakened Entrepreneur’?
We at Academy EPIC believe it is creating & establishing a business culture of accountability, integrity, caring, trust & transparency. (We also #livEPIC & believe in doing THAT for every facet of our Life…but THAT is another class, for another day! lol)

SO: In your Business Life,

as you create your purpose and stride forward in your intentions; and Live-Your-Business…

…You embody these principles & ideals of business practice & management. Making those conscious business choices that serve a higher purpose and resonate with your core values. Standing with integrity; in WHO you are, as you operate your business with truth. Knowing that your decisions and choices as a small business owner, may not always be about ‘the bottom $$ line’…but that you serve a bigger purpose.

Establishing your powerful Mission Statement. Realizing the outward impact your ‘Business’ will have on your customers, your clients, your hometown…living with a strong sense of social service. Continuing to collaborate with associates and attracting like-minded employees with those same ideals & standards. This is ALL at the heart of being an ‘Awakened Entrepreneur’.

THIS #4 Class, in our ‘6-Pack’ allows AcademyEPIC to continue

to provide YOU the Know-How to make conscious choices as You, the Entrepreneur steps, into Your Business!

2020 IS Your Year… It is Truly YOUR Perfect Time to BE an EPIC Entrepreneur. To establish your principles & recognize that a business is to make money…BUT, it is also SO much more. And realize…

That Nice Gals in Business, don’t always finish last. They may Finish First!

This #livEPIC Mindset Moment class will introduce the tenets & foundation of making conscious choices as an ‘Awakened Entrepreneur’ as you follow your Life Journey and…



Complementary Individual Mindset Shift Session with Amber Knick, CNHP & PSYCH-K Facilitator

Mindset Masterclass 4 - Awakened Entrepreneur

Live on ZOOM – Thursday, April 16th @ 7pm Eastern

Can’t Make the Live Webinar? That’s okay. You will receive the replay to watch at your convenience!