Mindset Masterclass 6: Levels of Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness

#livEPIC Mindset Moment Course

Conscious. Awaken. Intention. Illusion. Clarity. Alignment.
Yep. Are you ‘beginning’ to notice a Theme, we have going here, at
Academy EPIC in this 6-Pack of Mindset Moment Courses? (lol)

WE want to share…
‘Our Best’ EPIC knowledge / know-how / experience with YOU.

SO, in our sharing as

You are Flowing into all of your Greatness

…We wish to ‘plant-the-seeds’ to help you achieve financial & professional (& Personal!) PROSPERITY.

In our second course, “The Illusion of Money” we hopefully opened your eyes to your own personal beliefs about money and how that influences all you do.

Expansion on your thoughts and

the Power of your mind’s Intentions

… when directed toward your financial life; will bring your future into a laser focus with techniques & tools for practical money management. Learn how to have a stress-free relationship with money & systems as you creatively set & achieve specific goals in your financial business & personal life. We will share how to organize & establish good & creative money habits.

THIS #6 Class allows us to continue to…

Provide YOU the Tools for Financial Alignment in all facets of your Business and Personal Life…

To reinforce & retrain your conscious thoughts, and achieve your goals. 2020 IS Your Year… And THIS is our Passion & Purpose!… to teach & watch you Succeed! This #livEPIC Mindset Moment class will introduce the principles of making conscious financial thought / choices…

as you follow your own Passion & Purpose and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!


Complementary Individual Mindset Shift Session with Amber Knick, CNHP & PSYCH-K Facilitator

Mindset Masterclass 6: Levels of Consciousness

Live on ZOOM – Thursday, April 30th @ 7pm Eastern

Can’t Make the Live Webinar? That’s okay. You will receive the replay to watch at your convenience!