Mindset 1 - Clearing Sexual Energy

Sexual Energy Release

Mindset Moment Course

As we move thru life & adult relationships, we fail to realize that bits of Energy, the aura, is left behind. After a break-up, we look at our ex’s toothbrush or left behind cell charger & view these items as possibly stirring up the negative emotions connected with that bad break-up… and we say, “thank goodness, he is gone.” And in our minds,…we say it is over & move ‘on.’ Does that energy ‘leave’ with the creepy ex?…Unfortunately, NO!

That partner/husband/boyfriend left more than his toothbrush. ‘He’ left the residues of his energy. Good/bad, positive/negative, or happy-mutual break-up as-friends… The Energy Remains. And, from a female perspective, what is even more powerful to realize is that we were the receiver of his sexual energy. Science proves that that a baby’s & the fathers DNA remains in our womb after childbirth. That would then surmise that energy residue also remains & accompanies the scientific DNA residue.

Powerful. Emotional. Traumatic. Beautiful…

all of those many ways & words to describe our sexual experiences in life. Sexual intercourse unites mind, body, spirit and soul & creates a bond during that powerful energy exchange of frequencies. As we know, it can change the trajectory of your Life. That joining created a long-lasting sexual energy cord.

This Mindset Moment course focuses on

The ‘How-to’ of Cleansing your Aura / Energy…

from those sexual experiences and cutting that sexual cord-connection with that partner. A sexual energy cleanse to purify your mind, body, spirit and soul is one of the most important steps to reclaim your sexual ‘self.’ This sexual energetical residue left behind from lovers, past and present, can drain your energy, block happiness, hinder success and create emotions that can cause confusion, depression and prevent you from living your best EPIC Life.
As, we KNOW!…

YOU are destined for Greatness & Genius!

Academy EPIC and #livEPIC is committed to Empower & Equip, and to assist in the healing and transforming of YOU. In this Mindset Moment class we Add another piece of that puzzle…to #CTSO-Clear-The-Sxxx-Out! ….TO allow you to LIVE your Best Life….


Complementary Individual Mindset Shift Session with Amber Knick, CNHP & PSYCH-K Facilitator

Mindset 1 - Clearing Sexual Energy

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