Coaching & Mentoring

Some call it Coaching…. Some Call it Mentoring….

Whether working with teams or individual employees, Coaching can provide huge benefits in identifying opportunities for growth & improvement, goal-setting & recognizing obstacles to overcome! The perceptive view of an experienced Coach, who has successfully guided business professionals in meeting individual & team goals is invaluable.Thru insight, experience & constructive interaction..a business Coach can identify & remove the barriers to allow the skills needed to overcome & improve the targeted issues.

Professionals in all fields can benefit from Mentoring relationships. Providing guidance in skills needed to succeed; with the resources, tools & experiences to assist the individual in achieving their long-term goals. Highlights of an effective developmental relationship between Mentor & Mentee; includes providing self-confidence, support & instilling professionalism in all aspects of their relationships.

A great mentor/ coach can be a pathway
professional growth and success.

No matter where you are in your career, having a mentor you can turn to for trusted advice is invaluable. This person can serve several important roles: a sounding board, a source of insider knowledge on business topics, and a connector to key industry contacts.

Know what you’re looking for…

You can’t just haphazardly jump into a Mentoring relationship. Think about the areas where you could use the most guidance. Maybe it’s how to be a more persuasive communicator, a more effective leader or a more successful practitioner. Or perhaps you need help defining a long-term career trajectory, learning the business aspects of the industry, or establishing better work-life balance. Maybe it’s all of the above!

Write down your goals so you can pinpoint your needs. In general, it’s also wise to search for a would-be mentor who possesses traits such as authenticity, empathy, creativity  and Experience.

Mentorship Programs have become an essential personal development tool for businesses of all sizes. A strong mentor-mentee relationship can help new or established individuals learn the ropes from a veteran, while also helping the more seasoned individual see solutions and approaches to initiatives from a fresh perspective.

Practitioner Mentoring can encompass reviewing ‘challenging’ client cases & scans or business decision options. Overseeing the creation of protocols & providing better insight & expansion in the usage of any ‘tools in the toolbox’…such as RBTI & FTN. Encouraging the Practitioner to utilize all aspects of their knowledge & expand their skills as they guide & encourage their clients into achieving a healthy balance. Providing the full array of reinforcement; Practitioner Mentoring, will encourage & support the Practitioner to achieving the high skill level they envision for themselves!

Whether you are seeking Life/Business Coaching and/or Practitioner Mentoring, you will find Angie a wealth of information.  You will find her “energetic connection” invaluable when working to get underneath the issue, whether emotional or physical imbalances.  Her international Network of colleagues assists in support in expansion of knowledge as well as client needs.

Angie Ates

  • Over 20  years in Executive Corporate Leadership
  • Over 15 years in Multiple Small Business ownership
  • Successful owner of multiple integrative health centers
  • International Speaker/ Trainer
  • Certified Life / Health Coach
  • CEO of Academy EPIC- online training platform
  • Practitioner Speaker for Des Bio product line
  • Collaborative Training Partner with Nutritional Frontiers
  • Featured in over 200 online Natural Health videos via several training platforms
  • Structured and Strategized Mentoring


*Hands on Training via Mentoring- Critical Thinking Skills Development

*Always training and providing a template for you to duplicate the process while guiding you with the current situation.

*Ever needed guidance on “where do I start” with this client?

*Ever needed “ a 2nd opinion” on follow up protocols?

*Train on the “questions to ask” to create a successful roadmap for your clients.

*Discover what combination of  S.E.A.N. works best to achieve the outcome your desire.

** A Roadmap to GUIDE Your Personalized Sessions is provided.
This allows for a more EPIC Flow and Efficiency…..

How does it work:

Option 1,2,3 – $100.00 per hour/ $50.00 per 30 minutes for consistent sessions.  This includes however much we can discuss in that one hour.  Angie prefers an organized and structured session, this allows for solution driven results for both the client and you.

Option 1

Weekly consistent time either a 30 minutes or 60 minutes time slot.

Option 2

Bi-weekly consistent time either a 30 minutes or 60 minutes time slot.

Option 3

Once per month consistent time either 30 or 60 minute time slots.

Dr. Angie Ates brings another layer to her educational experience by offering mentoring to her CAHP graduates. Academy EPIC prepared me as a competent practitioner, however it is very empowering knowing I have my regularly scheduled meetings with Dr. Angie.

Our sessions allow me to ask questions, review client cases and next steps. The time spent in mentoring, allows me to be confident in knowing that I am providing my clients with impactful information for successful outcomes.

Before I started mentoring with Dr. Angie, I found myself second-guessing my knowledge. Now, I have gained a higher level of confidence in my thought processes and continue to learn and grow as a practitioner.

Thank you, Dr. Angie, for expanding Academy EPIC and CAHP above all other educational platforms offered anywhere!

Tammy Gillam-CAHP

TRU Wellness LLC, Saint Louis, Missouri

When I earned my degrees and certifications as a health professional, I was searching for a short internship with a like-minded health professional that was already established. I also knew a mentor with the knowledge, experience and expertise in the areas that I lacked confidence would be a bonus. 
Then along came Dr. Angie who stepped up to mentor me once a week, to fill in those holes for me. She has challenged my critical thinking skills, takes my real life clients and we work through their intensive intake forms, scans, symptoms and come up with a dynamic plan of success for each one. Her enthusiasm and passion have empowered me to develop MY own strengths and has actually transformed my weaknesses into strengths as well. I take her mentorship seriously.  I look forward to each week to hear her unexpected tidbits of information gathered from her years of working with her own clients.  She has been there, done that!
Oh, and on the upside, my volume of clients and sales have increased dramatically and I give credit where credit is due…Dr. Angie, thank you!
Patricia Wilson, BCND

Complementary and Alternative HP, North Carolina