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Coaching / Mentoring Sessions

MENTORING: 101 w Dr. Angie Ates
OR the 6-EASY-STEPS-to YOUR Mentoring Session

Step 1:

YOU have stepped UP…

& Chosen to Mentor w the achieve Personal, Professional & Client Results..SO, now you say…”What do I do First?”

1)    Decide WHAT time frame/frequency works best for you, time-wise & budget-wise using our Scheduling Options: (TO be considered a “regular”)

1- Every week- meaning you are on the schedule same time every week – ok we can adjust accordingly but PRE scheduled is the key
2- Bi-Monthly-meaning you are on the schedule same time every other week – ok we can adjust accordingly but PRE scheduled is the key
3- Once per Month-meaning you are on the schedule same time Month – ok we can adjust accordingly but PRE scheduled is the key
4- IF you are only needing a One-Time Mentor Session, or are unsure of scheduling your future needs..That is ok, also!…AND we wish to schedule & support you..Just realize that “Regular Scheduling” is given the Priority..and it may be a few weeks for an opening… as we schedule 2 weeks out.

< Old Chinese Proverb: It is easier to HAVE an Appt. with Angie, & ‘not need it’..then to >
< get an appt. with her at the last minute! >

Step 2:

NOW: Time $$ to Pay!

 <Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”>

Go to the AE website; Mentoring & purchase your session. If booking a 1-hour session, please pay the $100 or the $50, 30-minute session via our website check-out.

We WILL track your time on our calendar,..IF not using your full hour,..A credit to your next session..OR Over your One-Hour-Time..We WILL track you down..just kidding:))

IF, an emergency comes up, you MUST contact & CANCEL providing 48 hrs notice, for the Team to RE-schedule you & transfer your Pre-Paid Session TO another opening.

 <Another Old Chinese Proverb: LAST-minute Cancels & No-Shows will empty your
wallet as there is no refund or re-schedule using your pre-paid session>


Step 3:

Contact our Team EPIC Minions…

who work Tirelessly Around the Clock to support YOU & our Mission via email at

It’s THE (new) Direct HOTline TO the Mentoring & Coaching Calendar!

Email us with your time choices (give us a few options please) <Tuesday am/ Tuesday pm/ Wednesday am/ Wednesday pm>

DATE specific and a good phone contact,.. so that we may call/schedule/confirm your needs. Our team will then respond & get You Scheduled!


Step 4:


(…just like the old accented guy in the Hollywood movies..You MUST Sign Ze Papers!)

Seriously… download the files (buttons, right) you need to sign & complete:

Document #1: Mentor/Contractual Form ….then Document #2: Mentor/Release Form –>

                   AND please submit via email to


Step 5:

My Mentoring Date Approaches: Yikes,..NOW WHAT???

  • Mentoring SCHEDULED—-Check!
  • Contract Docs#1 & #2 EMAILED——Check!
  • Made my PAYMENT—-Check!

NOW: We need you to submit your ‘STUFF’ in advance! Best Preparation Equals Your Best Outcome!

“What Do YOU Need Help With?”

We have a Coaching Focus Session sheet (click button on the right)

IF it’s Time to help you with Biz-ness stuff… & whatever BIZ-Roadblock is stopping You! …

OR: Client Care … We need Everything YOU Have, on this Client(s) so we can Best Support YOU!

Client Intakes/Test Results/ Be ready to RECAP with her…. What you have done so far..what worked..what is not working…IF you are needing Help creating a Protocol.

YES. All of That!…EMAILED in (Did we mention in ‘Advance’?)

                                            ADVANCE=24 HOURS

 Fun Fact: Some CAHPers & others seeking Client Care Support, are covering Several Clients IN their Hour/Mentoring Time Slot… YOU can also… By just being Prepared!

EMAIL your Client ‘Stuff’ to:

  AND for Extra Brownie Points, you can EVEN add/enter into the Subject Line – Your Name AND Appointment Date..and Spoil Us! Lol

                                            -48 HOURS PRIOR-

THAT is your Cancellation Deadline. We Value YOU. And Value our Scheduled-in-Advance-Time with YOU. It is a Mutual Professional Time Commitment —– Zero. Zip. Nada. Cancellations Accepted Less than 48 Hrs. Prior.

  <Per Old Chinese Proverb above>


Step 6:


All Easy from Here!>>> Be ON Time,.. (all in our places with bright shiny Faces!)

Have all your info, at hand… ready to take notes!

CALL the Top-Secret-Number (Provided when appointment is set) to Angie’s Mentoring Hotline… and Begin!

WE are Supporting & Setting You UP-To-SUCCEED…

…and are Humbled & Blessed to Support Your Journey!