Wishlist Integrations – Isoft & Kartra

Infusionsoft Training

Contacts & Campaigns


– Login URL: https://ib332.infusionsoft.com | User Email: office@angieates.com (This is the one Michelle set up. Don’t know and can’t change the password. Use the “Forgot Password” and check that email.)


Tags are usually added to a contact record via the Campaign and not manually added. On occasion you may need to manually add one, so I included that in this video.

Button Links (this goes with above vid – clarification)


It is always best to copy the link from the actual page to be sure it’s correct.

Email Broadcasts / Newsletters & Overview on Reports


Always send yourself a “Test” email to check the links and such. There is a button at the top to send a test, type in your email address to send it to yourself.