ATTENTION: Natural Health Practitioners

Want to experience the Professional level of our Instructors?? Before you Invest in your Exciting new Career??

Because we know, this will help you make that pivotable Decision in your Natural Health Program!!!

When choosing your Natural Health program, it can be overwhelming. Questions are a plenty….What does the training involve? I watch videos, read a book and fill in the blank, watch webinars from past lectures….How many diversified instructors train the topics?...and more…

But, it’s not just about another “sale”. We want you to be Prepared and fully Knowledgeable about how we offer our programs. We aren’t into “surprises”…such as buy extra books…need this add-on or that add-on….we are about transparency.

It’s also about upholding our track record by answering some vulnerable questions.  Such as-  Will I be able to implement the education quickly? Or Is this another “theory” based education that leads me to more “google” searching for answers?

You can’t base it on how ‘long’ an organization has been around either. Many haven’t adequately updated their curriculum or they limit the diversity of the contributing instructors, maintaining just a few with the similar backgrounds.

These challenges explain WHY we hear all the time about individuals paying over $10,000 for their education only to learn more from Free webinars outside of the program itself. Or simply not even knowing “how to pull it all together” for a profitable practice!

Having the Opportunity to engage in a segment of the Practitioner level programs BEFORE you make that ultimate investment decision is….Priceless.

Before I explain that, let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Angie.

I have built multiple medically integrated practices with profitable bottom lines. I have trained over 10,000 Practitioners on integrative methods…from MD, DO, DC, Paramedics, RN, FNP, and more. I am passionate about helping you move from Hobby to Professional or “bridging” the gap from your current level of education to pulling it all together…successfully.

While I don’t know everything there is to know about your circumstances, I do know we are about upholding out track record by answering some vulnerable questions.  That is why we are willing to offer an “insider pass” to our Practitioner level programs. 

Dr. Angie Ates

I do know, especially when it comes to being a Practitioner, you need focused and intentional cultivation of EPIC Critical Thinking skills.  By me providing you the very template I have used with over 5000 clients, I know you are on your way to making a difference in people’s lives. The value of the “4 Pillar Protocol System” guarantees effective and evidence based proven results.

That’s why I urge you to read this entire copy all the way to the end–what I’m about to tell you will provide the facts you need in making that pivotable decision of Natural Health education.  Invest some time and educate yourself on WHY we are offering a “test drive” with our Homeopathy module.

Natural Health Certificate Programs Online

Dr. Karen delivers a passionate and medical based 80 minute training. She shows you how to integrate homeopathy; whether for kids, yourself or even pets.

Even if you choose not to continue with Academy EPIC you will discover the magic of Homeopathy.

Take advantage of our Homeopathy with Dr. Karen today….no questions asked.

The #1 reason WHY you will be successful as a Natural Health Professional is because I am committed to YOUR success. For busy people, it is imperative to gain a comprehensive education that is on demand, all-inclusive and uncomplicated.

In the years I have spent training within other organizational platforms, I have observed the tragedy in the level of education offered. I found it ridiculous that knowing “how to pull it all together” after the designation, was often dismissed as unnecessary. On the Contrary: I have witnessed Practitioners that have literally doubled their income within 6 months by utilizing our education. After all, our program was created BY Practitioners FOR Practitioners. This reveals the power of when over 20 Professionals come together with an obsession to pioneer a new approach to Natural Health Training… it works! PERIOD.

Success isn’t about flashy websites, accreditations, or even longevity of an organization. Deciding on your Natural Health education can be challenging. Joining an organization that prides itself on Empowering and Equipping you for the most optimal path is EPIC.

But, it’s not just about another “sale.” I want you to be Prepared and fully knowledgeable about how we offer our programs. We aren’t into “surprises”… such as buy extra books… need this add-on or that add-on… we are about transparency.

Though many of our graduates have completed their training with other Natural Health organizations over the years. I have seen hundreds join our programs because of the Level of Professionals that we have contributing to the program. Their lack of “enough” quality information from our competition has challenged us to continue to Level-Up even more.  Undoubtedly, we do not want you to have to turn to “google” searches to have confidence in creating the right protocol.

But where do you get a chance to “sneak peek” at any courses prior to actually investing your resources of time or money??

HERE… RIGHT NOW with us!!

Turbo charge your new career path by reserving Homeopathy with Dr. Karen. You are assured to find a reliable level of Education at an affordable price.

Well, if you’re like most Soon-to-be Practitioners or those with loads of information but are saying “now what”?… You have been scouring the latest Google Search to find that “perfect fit”. We hope to be that “perfect fit.” To meet your needs because:  Unfortunately, the time it takes to find accurate information can cause a drain on your life.

Introducing Homeopathy

Grab this 80-minute training by Dr. Karen and take a “test drive” with one of our Modules of the Naturopath Program. 

WHY? Because you usually run into one of the following problems when you are not afforded the opportunity to sneak peek or test drive:

We believe once you experience the level of Professional training you will be HOOKED! There is no comparison to Quality and Quantity of training tools and techniques in our Practitioner Level Programs.

While other organizations may hang on to their “laurels”. We are offering a chance to not only check out our Homeopathy with Dr. Karen training, but a chance to keep that training…indefinitely. You will get to experience the support documents… ready-to-use handouts… booklets… and study guides for Homeopathy.  YEP, yours to keep!

Other organizations rarely allow you to “test drive” a module in order to get a feel for their platform. In fact, most are vague on their websites of exactly what is even IN the program itself. Cursory overviews don’t do much for the bottom line decision making when you are talking about your money and time investment.

Just as you like to test drive your new car, take a tour of your new house, and even google map the overview of your latest Air BnB rental. Experiencing a piece of the program before you totally invest is simply the no-risk way of decision making.

Nothing is more frustrating than investing your hard earned money into your passion, and to get less than adequate education and organizational support.

I believe in you and believe you should have ALL that you need to be Successful. After all, I have trained over 10,000 Practitioners and worked with over 5,000 clients. I KNOW what you need, to be EPIC.

So where does that leave you?

Feeling you want to “test drive” a piece of the program before you buy…and can’t?

Of course, you could always call the other organizations and ask if they could explain in detail ‘How’ their program works, ‘What level’ of professionals are teaching it, and if you could get a ‘Section to review’ you know… “test drive” your investment…

However, that comes with its own set of problems:

More time and energy just to get an answer to your question. Reality may be, the person on the other end of communication line may have never even taken any of the coursework offered… hmmm?

As a Natural Health Practitioner ready to get THE formal training to back the Passion of helping others; you want quick, easy and effective education in order to get out there and be A World Changer!

Are you a World Changer? Of course you are!! Making a positive difference in lives is WHO you are… naturally!
Working another job, as you bridge over to a new career….juggling the kids at home as you Reinvent your role… or even acknowledging it is NOW Your turn for a Purpose-Driven Life. We have the solution with online, interactive and integrative approach to supporting your Passion with Purpose and PROFIT.

It’s depressing, because up until now, you’ve only had 2 options:

  1. Pay Your attempt to get other educational organizations to share their “insider secrets” is quite exhausting… so you just pay for the program and are left at the end…shaking your head.  Afterall…“Now What?”…and
  2. Pray – for a miracle of someone who knows what to do, based on experience from that same organization.  Because, posting in a social media group with 20+ people answering a question is not what you paid for… You PAID for Experts to TRAIN You.

We know using our controversial method of sharing a “sneak peek” of our Practitioner Level Program is uncharted; YET a compelling way to “treat you like family” before we sit down for a full buffet. 

There’s never been a really great – “Try before you buy privilege”—an affordable, easy-to-use option that I believe, results in the most convenient way for YOU to experience the vastness of our program  AND prepares you for easier decision making..

Fortunately, I’ve got a solution that does exactly that.

Introducing Homeopathy
– with Dr. Karen

This is an 80-minute training video where Dr. Karen shares how she integrates homeopathy in her medical practice. This allows you the exclusive opportunity to experience evidence-based knowledge to implement immediately…

Here at last:

  • Her training will empower and equip you, whether your plans are to use the information for yourself, pets or loved ones.
  • Included are ready-to-use hand outs, training manual, remedies and solutions for many health challenges.
  • Unlimited Lifetime access to all the materials enables you the unique ability to review the contents anytime.

Just say YES to the small investment of $67.00 and you will be on your way to learning with an accredited doctor. Not only will the material be useful right now, it will be invaluable as you continue your journey in natural health.

But don’t just take my word for it.

How about Programs that expire before you do?  Another issue you may experience. Nothing like investing in your education, just for that establishment to push-you-out after you have graduated….because you now cost them money on their “monthly fee based” platform.?

Read what our Practitioners have to say about Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen:

The modules are very well organized and easy to follow. The printed materials are priceless. This makes becoming a successful practitioner so much easier.
–Michelle R, Michigan

I take all of Academy EPICs programs! They have such unique information and ways of presenting it in fun and interesting ways. I have taken MANY Academy Epic courses and as long as they keep offering courses I will be taking them. The continued support is priceless and that’s what makes their programs above and beyond ANYTHING else out there.
— Katie G, Colorado

The training is cutting edge and well done and LIFETIME ACCESS. Nowhere else can you get this level of training for this price..WOW!
— Nancy M, Florida

As you can see, our Practitioners have had amazing results with Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen.

AND, You can too.

Imagine what it would be like to Test Drive before you invest in your future… WHY are we different?

… The powerful use of V.A.K.S. accelerated learning method for straightforward comprehension and reliable recall of material.
…An uncensored “sneak peek” into the ultimate Natural Health practitioner training program.
…Instantly gain authentic confidence knowing you are being trained by a licensed professional.
…Engaging, Passionate and a bit Unconventional with no Powerpoint reading or boring lecture model.

You can easily accomplish all these things with Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen.

Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen

This offers ridiculously exciting knowledge in study of Homeopathy

Maybe even after reading what our students and members think, you’re still on the fence.

That’s OK.

You could ignore this offer and continue…

… potentially spend lots of money on a program, that based solely on reviews and tenure of the company, does not provide enough real time, clinical training in order for you to open a successful practice

… wish your hobby could actually be a Profession of helping others while creating an income for you and your family.

… settle for “more modality” trainings versus at One Stop Shop to pull it all together, ultimately creating the Success Factor

Or, for just $27.00, you could use The Acne Module & Map and get…

The extraordinary option to gain insider training before a full decision is made is a guilt-free way to research before taking the plunge into your future education.

Do you want your spouse and family to be so confident on your decision that they know you will follow through on this one?

Testing out this “sneak preview” of an unedited training module out of the Practitioner level -Naturopath program allows you to have the courage to make that EPIC decision to live your Passion as a Natural Health Practitioner.

Do you need the education simplified but yet unparalleled to help you bridge to the next step of clarity?

Dr. Karen is practical in her teaching yet remarkable in how she integrates with the current medical model.

Are you looking for an immediate take-away from an experienced professional?

I hand-picked Dr. Karen; knowing her tremendous, diversified experience combining the western medical model with the staggering resurgence of natural remedies would be an incredible benefit for you.

With Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen, you’ll get the affordable opportunity to not only get genuine homeopathy education, but also unlimited access to benefit from an insider view of our Practitioner level program. This ultimately helps you gain confidence in choosing a Professional Natural Health education.

If you have a Passion for natural health and love helping
others, this Homeopathy with Dr. Karen is for you

Because your time is limited, you need a Try-Before-You-Buy solution that’s quick and easy-to-use.

Accelerated learning methods, together with popular and timely educational components, boosts your courage in consistently using Homeopathy.

You don’t need to ever give it back because there are no strings attached when you take advantage of this “sneak peek” Homeopathy module.

You don’t even need to ever become a Natural Health Practitioner to benefit from the materials – hand outs, manuals and more!

  1. Click on the link below– choose the YES button 
  2. Look in your email – for your step-by-step instructions on how to access this EPIC material
  3. Click and learn– View the video.  Print out and/or save the supporting documents and ENJOY!!! 

WITH Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen, YOU’LL GET:

  • Kickstart your decision on the perfect educational organization by taking a “test drive” with our 80-minute Homeopathy module.
  • This popular module includes the myths and facts about Homeopathy and how it impacts you.
  • Karen clarifies ” Can homeopathics be used together?”
  • What is the best way to choose a Dilution?? What is a dilution?? Why does that even matter??
  • How to use over the counter (wildly available near you) remedies for acute care and chronic care needs.
  • Surprising Scientific-based information of the electrical field of the body and how it works with homeopathy.
  • Uncover how to address…Emotional outbursts, anger, sprains, strains, overwhelm and more…There IS a homeopathic for that!!
  • Includes downloadable Done-for-you handouts, Top remedies cheat sheet, study guides and more

Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen Is a Bargain

When you consider everything you get with Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen… is an incredible value at just $67.00!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Because I know you’re going to love Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen, I’m offering a risk-free guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the training and materials you get from Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen, I’ll refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked.  We know you will be excited to Check it out…so you have 3 days from your purchase date for your FULL REFUND.

Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen:

An uncensored “sneak peek” into the ultimate Natural Health Practitioner training

Navigating the Natural Health education arena can be daunting and quite frankly exhausting. SO: Try before you buy today.  We offer a one-stop source for your Professional Training.

Grab your full 80 minute educational training with Dr. Karen today.

Click here and you will be on your way to immersing yourself into a new approach to natural health education.


Even after everything you’re read about Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen, you may still be on the fence.

At this point, you can go in 1 of 2 directions.

You can try Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen for just $67.00.

You can ignore this offer and continue…

…Waiting for the “perfect” time to try our programs

  • Go ahead and “google” your information, trying to pull it together to make sense
  • Struggle with your medical understanding of Homeopathy
  • Put it off…yet another day…frustrated that you Procrastinated again

I think The choice is clear.

That’s why I urge you to buy Homeopathy – with Dr. Karen today.

Grab your full 80 minute educational training with Dr. Karen today.

Don’t Delay

Live like you are Serious about turning your Passion…your side hustle…your hobby into a Profitable Profession…….One step at a time. This is a limited-by invitation-only Offer. $67.00 small investment to breakthrough to your EPIC decision of embracing your Genius.


Angie Ates
Founder of Academy EPIC

Introducing Homeopathy