If you are here, it means it’s time to sign up for your Final Exam & Graduation

How It Works…

Who is it for?
Those enrolled in the Practitioner Level programs…
Certified Integrative Symptoms Program, Certified Functional Naturopath Program, & the Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner Program / Traditional Naturopath Doctor Program — and you will be ready to take the Final Exam to receive your certification as a…
Certified Integrative Symptoms Practitioner
Certified Functional Naturopath Practitioner
Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner or Traditional Naturopath Doctor (or both)

When does it happen?
Graduation happens 2x a Year, the Spring & the Fall
Spring Graduation is held Exclusively Virtually Online
Fall Graduation is held Exclusively in Person during our Annual S.E.E Retreat.
It will be located within hour of Indianapolis, Indiana
There are NO additional arrangements made. You will want to plan around our schedule
*New Schedule is posted around October for the following year

How much does it cost?
Zero…nada dime….completely included with your Program
Unless you would like to receive both designations (CAHP & ND) for the Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner Program…. in that case, cost is $97.
One designation is always included with the Program.

**Already taken Final Exam and Graduated as a Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner? Now you want to add on the Traditional Naturopath Doctor designation?
Click here to purchase for $97**

What is the process?
You will have already completed ALL your benchmark exams
There will be provided, at minimum of 3 case studies
Using S.E.A.N Sheet template you will create successful protocols…. integrating tools and techniques you have learned
You will also create a successful follow-up protocol for one of those clients
Finally random symptoms will then be given to you and you will provide both
→ Acute Care
→ Long Term Care
To Pass You Will Be Using Critical Thinking Processes to