EPIC Nation Movement

Weekly from July 5th – August 1st

We will be giving away over
$60,000 in programs and courses

Epic Nation Movement

EPIC Nation Movement

Weekly on Saturdays from July 5th – August 1st

We will be giving away over
$60,000 in programs and courses

 We are creating an
Will you join us???

We STAND for the Red, White and BLUE…

We are demonstrating we are an EPIC Nation filled with a Human Race that CHOOSES to Lift UP and Build UP.  We are taking a STAND for Unity and for Honoring ALL Nationalities within the ONE Race- The Human Race.

YOU- what we are hearing is that folks are “concerned” to step up in isolation due to “retaliation” perception if they do!  We at Academy EPIC choose to STAND with YOU and your Passion to see the World healed, transformed and united. We are here to build AWARENESS and NOT to see our Nation in turmoil as an opportunity to take advantage of people’s fears. #livEPIC is how we LIVE. 

Post your ACTIONS and FUN in our Community Group and EACH Monday we spin the EPIC wheel and SOMEONE earns a Complimentary- Empowering, Equipping and Transforming Training from Academy EPIC!!!!  Over 50K in programs has been allocated for this LET FREEDOM RING #epicNATION movement.

This is for EVERYONE…..
You do not need to be a Natural Health Professional… Plenty of DIY in home remedies and therapies….

Week 4: July 29th – Aug 4th

We Honor All Nationalities with Awareness

Stay tuned for week 4… and then

On August 5th, Angie will hold a drawing to give away our elustrious EPBA Program and CAHP Program from among all who entered over the 4 weeks on WuWu Wednesday. (She will also recap with pics and total donations made.)

Guest on WuWu:
Shannon Keller O’Loughlin, Executive Director and Attorney
with the Association on American Indian Affairs, which is the oldest non-profit serving Indian Country protecting sovereignty, preserving culture, educating youth and building capacity.

Donations going to Association on American Indian Affairs

Compliments of Academy EPIC for everyone:

DIY Becoming and Entrepreneur ↓