Custom Program 

Health & Wellness Coach (HWC)

with a Focus on Women’s Health

What does this course offer?

A health coach is not only a supportive mentor but also creates individualized wellness programs to meet the clients’ needs. This health coaching course provides you with:

  • The Foundation to create a successful career helping people and yourself.
  • The How-to in developing integrated wellness strategies to move your client thru personal growth processes that supports them way beyond the “health coach” cheerleader mentality.
  • The Evidence-based coaching methods and holistic approach training so you have the skills to positively impact lives.

Come join us as you master the client-coach connection.


EPIC FOUNDATION (Modified Version)

  • Anatomy &Physiology
  • Nutrition
    →Amino Acids
    →Over 30 Eating Strategies
    →Delivery Systems of Nutrients
    →Chemistry of Man -
        Body & Chemical Nutrients
    →Collagen Peptide Therapy
    →Water Quality and Variations
    →Air Quality Determinations
  • Pillars of Health
  • Pharmacology
  • Pathology
  • Introduction to Homotoxicology

Tools & Techniques (Change Model)

  • Cravings Don’t Lie- emotional sabotaging
  • pH balancing for Optimal Wellness
  • Music Therapy
  • Sound Therapy
  • Meditation-Breathing
  • Emotional Release
  • External Influences
  • PEMF Therapy
  • Coaching Models
  • Coaching Tools


Tools & Techniques (Therapies)

  • Hydrotherapy / Bathology
  • Detoxification Methods
  • Enzyme Therapy
  • FTN- Face/ Tongue/Nails

Symptoms & Solutions

  • Blood Sugar – High/Low
  • Candida/Parasites/Probiotics
  • Energy / Fatigue Issues (Adrenal Issues)
  • Female Hormones
  • GI Issues
  • Liver Issues
  • Pregnancy
  • Thyroid Imbalances


The Business of Natural Health Consultations

  • Business skills
  • Consultation Tools
  • Consultation How-to
  • Office Fundamentals for success

Health & Wellness Coach

Focus on Women

This is an online course equivalent to 86 Credit Hours* – Coach Level.
LIFETIME Access! Learn at your own pace.
Online quiz and certificate emailed upon completion.
Completion Estimate: 3-6 months

This course can be applied toward future upper level courses,
such as our comprehensive CAHP Program