Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! CEUs Available thru Westbrook University!



I already have extensive knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology, can I test out of this?

There is no need to “Test Out” nor for you to repeat something you have already had training. With that said, if you feel confident in the topic, then yes you may skip that module. Do keep in mind, at the end, ALL material is covered in the final exam. Further, we suggest you be open minded to even ‘familiar’ topics as they may be presented in a new way or bring a deeper understanding via one of our
20+ professional lecturers.

How long do I get access to the course?

Unlimited access FOREVER to all recording training and documents.

12 month access to Live Sessions… once you have completed 12 months you will have option to continue with Live Sessions through our Practitioner Membership Program.

What is a SASS Case Study?
It is included in all of our Practitioner Level courses- CFN, CISP and CAHP. We meet via ZOOM- a link is emailed out before the call; 1- 2 x per month. During these S.A.S.S.- Structured and Strategized Solutions-Coaching calls, we cultivate Critical Thinking processes. You bring your Client Cases and we as a group, led by a Practitioner, discuss how to “find the underlying cause of imbalance” and integrated options to support the client in bringing balance to their health. An EPIC Bonus to assist You, in your Success! P.S.: The SASS Calls are available to You Forever!...after you graduate,..after you open your practice, ‘before’ & after you are (no longer!) struggling with that ‘tough’ Client Case!

Is there a Formal Graduation ceremony if this is all online?

We have an ONLINE Exam/Graduation every Spring- FEB/MAR. Then, in the Fall, SEPT/OCT, we have a LIVE Exam/Graduation. The location varies throughout the U.S., & we post this for all who are near to completing or are contemplating their final exam. We also partner our Fall S.E.E. - Soul Expansion Event- following the Graduation. This allows you to “work on you”. The Inner Work makes the Outer Work SHINE….. We can’t wait to SEE You at S.E.E.!

Do I need to be Board Certified in order to get a Diploma of Completion / Certified for the CAHP designation?

NO -The Board Certification from the SCAHP (Society of Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioners) is just an added level of certification...acquired after completing a 4-hour NO notes exam. Well maybe not “just” but it does lend a level of competency once completed. Once you have completed the CAHP FINAL EXAM, you will be awarded your EARNED Testament of Completion Certificate and hold the credentials to offer your gifts to the world as a Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioner (CAHP).

How long does CAHP take to complete?

The CAHP designation takes anywhere from 12 - 24 months to complete thoroughly. If you have some prior level of Anatomy & Physiology knowledge or have worked in the Natural Health field the comprehension of the modules will go faster. Keep in mind, it TRULY depends
on the time you are devoting to view the material and then COMPLETE the Clinical Application of the material. On average, time spent of 5-7 hours per week = 12 months projected completion.

How is the CAHP program divided?

We have 3 MAIN sections:

1) The EPIC Foundation (40 credit hours*). Your First Benchmark Certification - CNHP- Complete and Pass the ONLINE exam and you will earn a Certified Natural Health Professional Designation/Certification.

2) Symptoms AND their solutions (146 credit hours*). There is an ONLINE benchmark exam to ensure your comprehension of the material trained. However, there is No additional Certification obtained at this benchmark.

3) Tools N Techniques (237 credit hours*). There is an ONLINE benchmark exam to ensure your comprehension of the material trained. However, there is No additional Certification obtained at this benchmark.

Within EACH of the sections we have charts, research reports, guided clinical application of tools n techniques, Symptom Solutions templates and much more. Of course, don’t forget the Clinical Application hours, Forum hours, SASS calls, Coaching hours and exceedingly EPIC support to make this The Most Comprehensive Integrated Program you will find!

TND - Traditional Naturopath

This program has the same content as our CAHP program (see above description) but offers the option of your title dependent upon the laws of your state.



*Do I need a healthcare degree to take these courses?

NO- We do not align ourselves with Medical Health Degrees, therefore there are no prerequisites. Our EPIC way of teaching & empowering you, meets you Where-You-Are…and we work to build all the framework & foundation of knowledge, to continually support You and Your Journey.


Is the Epic Foundation ‘different’ for each Course Designation?

         NO- All of our Designation/Certification level courses have the SAME modules of the EPIC foundation INCLUDED.  This allows for more consistency throughout the programs. This also allows you to earn an Additional Designation/Certification within each of our Programs- CNHP- Certified Natural Health Professional as your “1st Benchmark” of completion.

Is there a price break when you subscribe to another course since the Epic Foundation is included there as well?

       There is no “price break” for receiving the “duplicated” EPIC foundation in all of our Programs.  However, there is also NO need to “repeat” watching it and completing the supportive work. We have included this EPIC Groundwork in all our Programs to ensure consistency and a legitimate foundation.  We find it beneficial to “not charge” separately at a value of $4000.00 but rather include it throughout our Programs.

Is the EPIC Foundation/CNHP available by itself, to get your feet wet in the basic foundational knowledge first?

        NO-Not at this time.  We feel this level of Certification -CNHP- is essential and a must for all of our Programs.  That is why we INCLUDE it in ALL of our courses.  Many organizations charge Extra for this “starting point,” however we chose NOT to charge you upwards of $4000.00 but rather legitimize all our Programs by incorporating it within each course.

How is the CNHP- Certified Natural Health Professional – EARNED?

       We know the value of:  a) Earning while you learn and b) a Benchmark measurement of your knowledge as you move thru the program. We acknowledge this is just the “beginning” of your training, but also acknowledge the Added value of being able put into Practice this knowledge either in a client-based setting or within your own family.  SO, we offer as the “1st Benchmark” an opportunity to earn this Designation/Certification.  Once the online exam is complete and passed, we mail you the Certification “Diploma”.


As of January 1, 2020, all Academy EPIC modules qualify for CEU’s.  All CEU’s certification – verification- is sent via Email to the email on file, if Academy EPIC is completing these for you. If utilizing Westbrook University, please email for further fee schedule and procedures.

There is an Administration fee of $25.00 to create the confirmation certificate.

What does “equivalent-to-#-of-Credit Hours” mean?

       This “reference only” is provided for folks to understand the “time expectation” of the Programs.  For every 1 hour program/clock hour = 3 credit hours.  Only those Government funded colleges/schools/universities would, in reality, have a true picture of Higher Education degrees.  Therefore, all organization using these “titles” is a semantics application only.

Do I need to be concerned about Credit Hours if I am not working toward a “degree”?

       NO-This “reference only” is provided for folks to understand the “time expectation” of the Programs.

May I gain Continuing Education Unit (CEUs) from Academy EPIC courses?

        Yes-We offer several separate course choices we call “Sharpening Your Saw.” All are accredited thru Westbrook University & all offer 4 credit hours of Continuing Education. A certificate, upon successful completion of the course, is mailed to you for submission of your CEU requirements.


If I am already familiar with a topic, may I skip ahead?

        We do not have “homework” to be *sent into us, nor do we “check” your work.  With that said, if you feel confident in the topic, then yes you may skip that module.  Do keep in mind, at the end, ALL material is covered in the final exam.  Furthermore, we suggest you be open minded to even (what you consider as) ‘familiar’ topics; as they may be presented in a new way or bring a deeper understanding via one of our 20+ professional lecturers.

Based on the “completion time,”..Why is there such a long span of time for the completion estimate?

        The completion time is dependent on the actual time YOU put into the Program.  This is a self-guided program with completion benchmarks.  If you choose a certain amount of time, or a designated time each week, you will efficiently complete the Program utilizing the Road-Map provided. Furthermore, your experience and knowledge will impact how swiftly you are able to comprehend and apply the knowledge trained.

Do I only have up to a certain # of months to finish the course?  Does it expire?

        This is a self-guided program, so you may take as long as you like.  The Program never “expires” until you do. (lol)  We offer a Road-Map for effective and efficient completion, however, we recognize Life Happens and are here to support you along the way. We also recognize it may take others a bit longer to work thru the material based on experience, knowledge and family/employment obligations.


What happens if I don’t pass the online Exam/Quiz?

        Either the 1st benchmark- CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional) or your Course-Final Online Exam/Quiz, can be taken 3 times.  Second & third Exam/Quiz opportunity, if needed, is offered with a small administration charge. At the point you are unable to pass the Exam/Quiz on the 3rd time; we would suggest you consider our Mentoring Program for further one-on-one development and personal assistance to assist you in meeting your goals.

How long do I get the Material from this course AFTER I complete it?

        LIFETIME ACCESS!  All the modules are viewed ONLINE at your convenience.  Don’t worry we won’t watch you curled up in your favorite PJ’s with a cup of delicious hot tea…(well unless you invite us over!) …or via FaceTime, Skype or ZOOM…

You get the idea…Bottom line- ENJOY over and over again…we know sometimes you may need to “review” a module or two and this is another EPIC benefit we offer.

Do you ever update the material in the Program?

        Yes, annually we review and make updates to the contents of our coursework.  We do NOT charge for these updates, new white papers, or other additional support tools.  We find it is the EPIC way to continue to add value to our coursework for no charge.

Are Video Transcripts of any of the courses available also?

         Currently we have Video Transcripts of ALL of our programs., available for purchase. This enables you to print or save, as documents to your computer. You may purchase those via the Shopping Cart portal or behind the password on your Dashboard.

Do you teach Business Building Principles within your courses as well?

In our EPIC Foundation/CNHP- 1st Benchmark, we review Business consultation.  A more in-depth Business course – EPIC Practitioner Business Academy– is offered outside the Program content.


Is there a payment plan available?

        The majority of our Programs do offer payment plans, including any of our promotional “offers”.  The Payments and “Offer” pricing will be indicated on the check-out/shopping cart page.

Why does the price increase for the payment plan?

        We charge an “administration” fee to our payment plans.  This enables us to offset the costs involved in setting up payments plans via our software programs.

Access Schedule for Material’…what does that mean?

        All of our courses paid in full are delivered over a period of time. Courses purchased with a payment plan, are via a program schedule as payments are made. This schedule is viewable/available at your course check-out/purchase.

What if my course purchase wasn’t what I expected; can I transfer my purchase to someone else?

        YES- or trade in for another program.  Depending on the administration involvement there may be a small fee.  Of course, we can discuss this with you and find out what works best to fit your goals and needs.

     See also Refund & Cancellation Policy.

Can my course purchase be applied toward another comprehensive program?

        YES- periodically throughout the year we offer a TRADE IN/ TRADE UP with our courses. This means 100% of the course price can be Traded In/Up for another one of our courses/programs.  You maintain your status/completion of the Original Course, but you get to “use” the funds already paid towards another program.  Fine print details: MUST be next “level” of program/course and minimum double what you already paid for current original coursework.

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