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ESC Bundle

Emotional Release, Sound Therapy, Parasites / Candida

Inside this bundle:

  • Emotional Release
    • Reality in a Toolbox for releasing levels of emotion!
    • Understanding Sound Therapy and how to integrate with success in your practice!
    • Getting quicker results with autoimmune clients by understanding emotion connection!
    • Blueprint for attitude change for self and family!
    • Why do I crave what I crave?
    • Emotional Body Mapping to conquer fatigue!
    • Empowering tools to release the burden and embrace life!
    • Forgiving underlying challenges of stress, anxiety and depression!
    • Steps to “in-a-flash” bring calm to the chaos in your world through sequencing techniques!
  • Sound Therapy
    • With World Renowned Expert, David Kennett
    • History of this therapy
    • The Chakras
    • Sound Therapy Session
    • Realistic and tangible tools
    • and much more
  • Candida / Parasites
    • The microbiome project
    • Protocols and Solutions
    • The emotional component
    • Full moon and New moon-parasite growth cycles
    • Probiotics
    • and much more
  • All Supporting documents

Emotional Release Overview:

Sound Therapy Overview:

Candida / Parasites Overview:

Webinar Bundle: ESC