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Impress the doubters when you get over 50 hours of live virtual interaction to ensure your implementation success.

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results-driven strategies

Ditch the 1-thing-fixes-1-thing theory by confidently putting together successful wellness plans.

We don’t just care about certifications
We care about you and your reputation
More than 5000 Professionals trained


  • Over 100 hours of innovative training with over 20 experienced instructors
  • Over 3000 reference documents for immediate implementation
  • Over 20 done-with-you case studies to build your confidence
  • The versatility to choose from 2 EPIC Practitioner Certifications titles -depending on your state regulations
    • Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner (CAHP)
    • Traditional Naturopath Doctor (TND)


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Most people who are into natural health lack formal or adequate training. With the EPIC Practitioner online training certification, you receive the in depth education you need to feel confident in helping others while creating financial stability.