Academy Epic Directors

Dr. Angie Ates

Angie Ates
CEO & Founder

Angie Ates is a Public Speaker, Natural Health Practitioner, Trainer, and Culture Creator, who is dedicated to Empowering and Equipping others. After being diagnosed with multiple auto-immune diseases, she began her studies in natural medicine options and obtained the extensive certifications of Board Certified Naturopath, Board Certified Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner and Master Herbalist. Continuing to Empower and Equip herself, her studies continued in BioEnergetic solutions and shamanic studies, as a Full Mesa Shaman. She also owned & operated three integrated profitable 6-figure clinics, and has supported the care of over 5000 clients.

Angie then became the founder and CEO of Academy EPIC, an integrated natural health educational platform created by Practitioners for Practitioners, based on the “Art of Mastering EPIC Client Results” and founded on the principles of Empowering and Equipping others; its’ programs hold international accreditation. Angie has trained over 10K Practitioners worldwide and is featured in over 200 natural health training videos. [More]

Kari Rene

Kari Rene Solomon
Director of Epic Breakthrough Services

Kari Rene Solomon is a Board Certified – Complementary and Alternative  Health Practitioner (CAHP), Certified Natural Health Professional, Traditional Naturopath, and Certified
Intuitive Energy Healer. Offering the Academy EPIC community her vast experience as she provides EPIC Breakthrough Coaching Sessions. Kari Rene is living her passion & assisting individuals to balance, nourish, thrive & rebuild their bodies into a balance of good health. Finding the correct supplement, vitamin, detox therapy, homeopathic, essential oil, herb or service to key-in to your body’s specific need is what Kari does best!

She has a successful practice and owns the Holistic Health Hub, in DeWitt, Iowa. Academy EPIC is Blessed & Humbled to be able to partner with Kari Rene Solomon as she will provide EPIC Breakthrough Experience Advisory Sessions for our Community for special rates. As Kari Rene’s Mission to look beyond treating ‘just’ the symptoms & create Holistic Wellness of
Mind, Body & Spirit in each & everyone of her clients, intersects with our own EPIC Philosophy…

We welcome Kari & her amazing EPIC Breakthrough Techniques with Open Arms!

Katie Felt - Scan Lab

Katie Felt
Director of Scan Lab

Dr. Katie Felt, BCND, BEP, CAHP, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Bio-Energetic Practitioner, Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner, Master Nutritionist

Katie’s journey through natural health, has led her in her own practice for over 20 years, while serving clients around the globe, to becoming OUR Academy EPIC-Director of Scan Division, for Academy Epic, & WE welcome her!

Her expertise in solving those tough ‘mystery cases’ are her Specialty… and she embraces the Challenge in assisting & empowering you, in Your own practice. Her continuing studies have brought her from Bio-Energetics, Holistic Nutrition, & Naturopathy all the way to one of her favorite lines of study,… right here at Academy EPIC, Complementary Alternative Health Care Practitioner! Katie’s passion for helping others achieve their BEST quality of life is ignited… by zeroing into the root cause of their health stressors with this technology offered here in our Scan Division at Academy EPIC.

Katie is looking forward to helping you guide YOUR clients to feeling & achieving their absolute best Self, with this amazing & beneficial scan system!

Michelle VanDyke

Michelle VanDyke
Director of Amish Division

Michelle joined the team as Director of the Amish Division is 2019. With a background in waitressing, office admin, chiropractic assistant, hair stylist and BioEnergetic Practitioner/Zyto tech, which led her to a DesBio event where she met a speaker named Angie! With Angies dynamic speaking and training Michelle knew she was missing something and needed to learn more on getting to the root cause, which led her to Academy Epic and is now a proud CAHP’er grad! She is so grateful to be working with the Amish and mentoring with Angie.

In her personal life she is married to a Dutchman named Paulie for almost 29 years! Whoa! They are proud parents of 2 hardworking young men, with one daughter in law and a very special 2 year old grandson who calls her Ahhhma!

Her passion is in helping others get to the root cause and continuing to learn more about natural healthcare thru Academy Epic…where the learning there is endless and of course EPIC!

Deb Augur

Deb Augur
Technical Director

Deb Augur has been an independent, professional web developer since 2002. Specializing in responsive WordPress websites, her wide variety of talents and experience include Design, eCommerce, Video and Audio Editing, Graphics, Membership sites, Permission Marketing, Copywriting, and more.

Angie and Deb started working together in 2015, but nothing has compared to this EPIC project beginning in late 2016. Beyond the depth and breadth of this EPIC online educational center, we share a kindred spirited-ness of collaboration, determination, and friendship.

Becky McCollum

Becky McCollum
Director of Fun

Becky McCollum joins Academy EPIC & the Team, as the creative component; the new Director of EPIC Fun! (..or Cruise Director, lol) Known to her nieces, as the Favorite-Fun-Aunt;
she retired to a farm in southwestern Missouri, on which she now raises miniature cattle & fainting goats. (Mentally) Bored in retirement, she connected with Angie & Academy EPIC.,
filling in on misc. tasks & duties. Having worn many ‘Previous-Life-Job-Hats’: such as St Louis Postal Service Mail-Lady, Entrepreneur-Rehabber/Owner/Operator of a Missouri Wine
Country B&B, Event-Planner, Travel Agent & then City Govt.,…her TRUE passion & ‘niche’ lies in Creativity & Writing!

We happily look forward to her strategies for more EPIC Challenges & her FUN Posts on Academy EPIC Community… as Becky says, “Let-the-Games-Begin!”

Brittany Wineland

Brittany Wineland
Director of Graphic Design

Brittney Wineland…a Creative Specialist with a passion for Branding and Graphic Design. She loves taking ideas and turning them into masterpieces! When I’m not creating you can find her kickboxing, homeschooling her children, and exploring the world!

Some fun facts about her: Always striving to build relationships that last, She has a passion for health & wellness, loves to paint, and loves to encourage others to push their limits! She’s always on board for an EPIC project and believe we are all designers of our life.

Tammy Gilliam

Tammy Gillam
Epic Client Director

Tammy Gillam has arrived…as our Academy EPIC Client Director!

This C.A.H.P.-Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner graduate, also holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and is a certified Reiki master. Her natural health studies ‘journey’ began after a personal health crisis challenged her immune system; leaving her bed-ridden. Choosing to not accept ‘conventional’ treatments; she fought to get HER health back through holistic practices, chiropractors and alternative healthcare.

This event changed her life and she has pursued, persisted and continued to research natural approaches to healing the whole body and finding the root cause for the past 20 years. Tammy’s ‘fighter’ mentality and heart for solving & resolving a clients’ unknown health issues through collaborative natural approaches and various modalities is stellar…,and Academy EPIC is honored & blessed to have her Join our EPIC Team!

Tammy has office locations in the greater St. Louis metro area, as well as virtual appointment options. Her passion for assisting her clients’ to take charge over their own healthcare is truly empowering and we Welcome Her!