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Consultation, Structure & Flow

“Done by You” Customized Roadmap for Client Compliance

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Are you a Natural Health Professional?
Could you use some additional training and support on narrowing down what to focus on during a consultation?

Join us for our LIVE Virtual All Day Training:

WHEN: October 2nd
TIME: 10am-5pm Eastern
WHERE: Virtual with private Zoom Link

THEN… Join us for our LIVE Follow Up To Implementation Call:

WHEN: October 28th
TIME: 7pm – 8pm Eastern
WHERE: Virtual with private Zoom Link

We, at Academy EPIC, hear all the time…

“My biggest challenge is client follow through.
How do you get the client to comply with my protocol? I feel like I repeat myself… over and over… again with each new client.”

If you are feeling these same frustrations ↑ then JOIN US for this ALL Day Interactive (that means NO lectures) Training, (The EPIC Way!) that brings together Professionals like you.  WE will guide you in establishing Best Practices for your successful office.

The Support is Priceless

The continued support is priceless and that’s what makes their programs above and beyond ANYTHING else out there.
– Katie

Love the Creativity & Innovation

I love the creativity and innovation of Academy EPIC’s virtual meetings. They are engaging… Angie is such a powerful, engaging speaker and teacher. – Tammy

So Grateful...

In trainings, I find myself thinking two things: 1. So grateful my path crossed Academy Epic’s. 2. Damn! Angie knows so much about so much! – Sherian

What YOU Will Learn:

Documentation – what matters and the lawful language of your services.

We know whether a seasoned professional or a newly aligned professional, the fear of “am I wording it the right way” can linger in the back of your mind. We will be providing a framework for your Genius to shine… lawfully.

Scope of practice, Services Agreement and What-You-Do are just a few of the topics we will discuss. This allows you to create a Lawful Foundation for your work.

Conscious Communication – Interactive Processes to ensure you have the “right” verbiage to gain client compliance and follow through.

This Single Strategy will change your LIFE and your Practice!

Becoming your authentic self while utilizing strategized “phrases” to go beyond “health coaching” your client to success.

We work thru these “Power Phrases” with trusted trainers that have years of Experience gaining client compliance. This provides Instant Implementation that you can take back to the office on Monday.

Further, Conscious Communication provides the security to “defend” your views and knowledge when confronted. We like to call it “Conscious Confrontation” for all the haters and doubters in your life.

Consultation Flow BluePrint – From the first contact with the client, thru their Wellness Plans-YOU define the entire Client/Practitioner experience- and ultimately establish the best practices for Your office.

As a “solo-preneur” it is imperative that you ensure your appointments are efficient, while still connecting with your client. After all, we know what excites you is when you hear people say “you made a difference.” You positively impacted their health and their family’s lives. We equip you with a Roadmap for Efficiency.

We workshop out your Blueprint for the most effective “what next”-“what next” flow of your Wellness Programs; all based on what YOU offer in your clinical environment.

With proven strategies and structures, we provide you the confidence to cultivate protocol strategies a/k/a Wellness Programs. This enables you to “not give so much advice away.” You invested your money on education and Why Reinvent-the-Wheel when you can learn from those who have already walked the path and are successful!

Best Practices – We answer and solidify via customization for YOUR practice.

  • How do I integrate Therapies into a Client’s Wellness Program?
  • How much product do I need to stock?
  • What is the appropriate pricing of my services and my products?
  • Follow Up systems and procedures- Think EPIC Tech Deck

Though this is NOT a “one size fits all” approach, it DOES provide a template to follow in order to Customize to YOUR needs.

Bottom line, when building a client base, having confidence in what you “know” enables the client to listen to your advice.

We love to EMPOWER and EQUIP you effectively and efficiently to help your friends and family. We love to support your Passionate “hobby” into a Profitable Profession.

Here’s How it Works:

  • STEP 1– Sign up with link. Insert here
  • STEP 2– Join us for a FUN and Interactive and POWERFUL learning experience. (Zoom link in your email.)
  • STEP 3– Receive Done-For-You Templates and Support documents. And YES, provided you leave our copyright on; Please USE them in your practice.  WHY?  Because why use your resources… money and time… to recreate WHAT works…..
  • STEP 4– Join us for a Follow-Up Connection/ Hot Seat call to help you further Implement your training.   Bring your questions!  Oct 28, 2020 at 7pm EASTERN
  • STEP 5– Unlimited ACCESS and LIFETIME Access to the training… the EPIC Way!

All at the convenience of your dashboard.

Not Only Rare, it's EPIC!

This is a community where they truly desire to see us walk in our genius… and THAT, my friend, is not only rare but it’s EPIC! – C.L.

My Dreams Finally have Legs...

It feels like my dreams finally have legs. That I will walk out my dreams to help and serve others is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. – Amber K.

Loved the Size of the Group...

Loved the size of the group; small enough to recognize names and faces and large enough to have many ideas, suggestions, opinions, confessions. – Gloria Y


Value Compare to : $2,000
First 25 ONLY – $197

Why Academy Epic?

We don’t just “take your money” and give information. We pride ourselves on community and Level-Up Practitioner support.

You’re not just “another student”. We offer a Facebook group to join where successfully practicing Practitioners / Instructors support YOUR Journey.

We give you time to Integrate the information and put it in to Action. That is why we offer a Connection Call – 60 minutes- of LIVE interactive connection. Bring your questions… Gain clarity… Cheer each other on… it IS the EPIC way!