The Art of Mastering Client Results
EPIC 5-Day Challenge

4-Pillars for Effective Protocols in Natural Health

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What’s included in this challenge?

Day 1: Equipping with the Trilogy Model of Supplement use
Day 2: Evaluating with the Emotional Component Map
Day 3: Creating Ancillary  collaborations for client compliance
Day 4: Nutritional Roadmap for effective lifestyle
Day 5: Triangulating for EPIC Practitioner results
S.E.A.N Sheet PDF

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Thank you for doing the 5 day challenge, this has been GREAT! It’s been very helpful for me.


I recommend it HIGHLY! The People, The Content, The Everything!!  They care about YOU and help YOU.


What an incredible education!


This education is extremely accessible, presented in a style that renders complex content easily understandable and applicable! Thank you Dr. Angie and AE for changing lives!

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