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At Academy EPIC we know you want to be a successful Natural Health Professional – an EPIC Practitioner.  In order to do that, you need a thorough and in depth knowledge of integrative choices. The problem is so many courses don’t offer the implementation of this knowledge, which makes you feel frustrated that you wasted your time and money on their training. We understand the challenge of choosing which course would be reliable enough for you to really make a difference and ensure you’re confident at creating the correct wellness plans.  This is why we created the Complementary & Alternative health Practitioner (CAHP) and Traditional Naturopath Doctor (TND) certification programs.

Academy Application:

  • Pricing $2000-$9995.00- depending on program and live virtual support plan selected - Paid in full discounts - Payment options ** Credit provided for your current certifications from other organizations**
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P.S. You will be notified with your Next Steps, even if we deny your application.  We believe in transparent and conscious communication.   If we find your application does not align with our Mission, we will gladly refer you to other organizational options.