with Kari Rene

Kari Rene Solomon is a Board Certified – Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioner (CAHP), Certified Natural Health Professional, Traditional Naturopath, InForm Wellness Coach, School of Modern Herbal Medicine Certifications, Certified Facilitated Introspection Coaching for Approval Addiction, and Certified Intuitive Energy Healer.

Offering the Academy EPIC community her vast experience as she provides EPIC Breakthrough Coaching Sessions; she uses various tools such as Bio Feedback for releasing emotion, stress, & moving congested energy in mind & body. Other techniques such as Wellness Counseling, Splankna. CARE. TKM, & Emotion Code therapies are all her specialties! Her goal is to truly provide her clients relief & healing from their anxiety & stress & feelings of being overwhelmed.

Kari is living her passion & assisting individuals to balance, nourish, thrive & rebuild their bodies into a balance of good health. Finding the correct supplement, vitamin, detox therapy, homeopathic, essential oil, herb or service to key-in to your body’s specific need is what Kari does best!

A firm believer in the power of the mind, Kari incorporates the teachings of Dr. Caroline Leaf, Dr Lipton, Candace Pert, & Dr Henry Wright, Louis May & others.., all masters in the powerful & many techniques to help her clients move past and thru the emotional congestion & life stress leaving them ‘stuck.’..and experience a true breakthrough.

Kari has a successful practice and owns the Holistic Health Hub, in DeWitt, Iowa.

My Vital Force Wellness Center

Academy EPIC is Blessed & Humbled to be able to partner with Kari Rene Solomon as she will provide EPIC Breakthrough Experience Advisory Sessions for our Community for special rates. Kari Rene’s mission is to look beyond the symptoms and instead create a Holistic Wellness of Mind, Body, & Spirit in each and every one of her clients, intersecting with our own EPIC Philosophy. We welcome Kari Rene & her amazing EPIC Breakthrough Techniques with Open Arms! Please contact her at MyVitalForceCenter@gmail.com for more details.